Australia Offers Financial Aid for Victims to Leave Violent Partners | World

The Australian government started on Tuesday (19) a program of financial aid to women who want to leave their violent partners, but do not have the resources to support themselves.

A total of 5,000 Australian dollars (about BRL 20,800) will be provided monthly for up to two years, with 1,500 Australian dollars (just over BRL 6,200) in cash and the remainder in payment for items such as rent or school fees, among others.

According to statistics presented by the Ministry of Women’s Security, one in six women will suffer domestic violence at some point in their lives, against one in 17 men.

“We know that financial hardship as well as economic abuse – which can involve interfering with work or controlling or retaining money – reduces women’s ability to acquire and use money and makes it difficult to leave violent relationships,” said the Minister for Women’s Security , Anne Ruston, when launching the program.

“Payments will help people who need financial support to get out. We know that the size of the house a woman is running from doesn’t matter – she often puts the kids in the car, maybe the dog too, and they leave with nothing but the clothes on their backs,” he added.

Payments will not be taxed and will not prevent victims from receiving other social benefits they are eligible for.

To enroll in the program, women will be required to provide evidence of financial stress and domestic violence, which may include a police report, court order, or referral from a domestic and family violence service provider with a risk assessment.

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