Bil, Bill, Valentina or Lary, who goes out?

The formation of the 6th farm of the reality series began this Tuesday, October 19, and Arcrebiano, Gui Araújo, Valentina and Lary Bottino are in the hot seat. One of them can still be saved with the farmer’s test on Wednesday, and until then it’s up to the public: who should leave the reality? Participate in the voting of the A Fazenda 2021 poll.

2021 Farm Survey


Who is on the farm?

arcrebian: Bil Araújo was nominated by farmer Dayane. The ex-BBB has a controversial trajectory on the Record TV program and has already been blamed for the elimination of Victor Pecoraro – considering that he had the power to immunize one of the pedestrians and did not help his friend. Among Arcrebiano’s biggest disagreements are Dayane Mello (farmer of the week), Valentina and Aline Mineiro.

Gui Araújo: the influencer ended up in the countryside after taking three votes. But what decreed the hot seat was the power of fire revealed by MC Gui, who annulled the vote of five pawns and ended up defining the roceiro. This will be the second field followed by the pawn. But he will still be able to participate in the farmer’s test and change the course of the game.

Valentina: the peoa will face the first field after being pulled from the bay by Gui Araújo. She was also banned from participating in the farmer’s competition this Wednesday, so she’s in the hot seat for good.

Lary Bottino: the influencer was the last to arrive in the game and will already face its first field. The girl was left in the remaining one, showing her lack of popularity with pedestrians.

How was the vote?

Farmer Dayane voted for Arcrebian

Lary Bottino voted for Aline Mineiro
Aline Mineiro voted for Gui Araújo
Arcrebian voted for Rico Melquiades
Rico Melquiades voted for Gui Araújo
Dynho voted for Rico Melquiades
Erasmo Viana voted for Marina Ferrari
Marina Ferrari voted for Rico Melquiades
MC Gui voted for Rico Melquiades
Gui Araújo voted for Rico Melquiades
Solange Gomes voted for Sthe Matos
Tati Quebra Barraco voted for Rico Melquiades
Tiago Piquilo voted for Sthe Matos
Valentina Francavilla voted for Gui Araújo
Mileide Mihaile voted for Aline Mineiro
Sthe Matos voted for Tiago Piquilo

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