Bil, Gui Araujo, Lary and Valentina are nominated for the farm Roça de A Fazenda 13 – A Fazenda

Bil Araújo, Gui Araujo, Lary Bottino and Valentina Francavilla were nominated for the fifth Roça de The Farm 13. The vote, live, was held this Tuesday night (19).

Champion of the Trial of Fire, Tiago Piquilo went in search of the Powers of the Flame and got the Yellow one for himself. At first, he did not reveal the contents of the parchment.

Afterwards, the singer handed the Vermelho to MC Gui, who was in Baia. The funkeiro couldn’t read the Power of the Flame. So he just thanked James.

As a Farmer, Dayane Mello recommended Bil Araújo straight to Roça: “It bothers me a lot in the dynamics of the headquarters and in the tests. He thinks he owns everything. In addition to being strong in the challenges”, he declared.

Voting continued to define the second roceiro. At this stage, residents of Baia could not be voted.

Before defining who would occupy the second stool in the Roça, MC Gui intervened and revealed the Power of the Red Flame: “The owner of this power must annul the votes of five pawns”.

Thus, the singer annulled the vote of Lary, who had opted for Aline.

The next four pawns chosen by MC Gui voted for Rico: Dynho, Gui Araujo, Marina and Bil.

With the decision, MC Gui saved Rico – as the pawn accumulated six votes – and put Gui Araujo (with three votes) to accompany Bil in Roça.

As the most voted pawn, Gui Araujo pulled Valentina da Baia to the third bench.

That done, Valentina started Resta One and saved Aline. The other pawns followed the dynamic in the same way.

Lary Bottino was second in Resta One and occupies fourth place.

As the fourth farmer, she vetoed Valentina from participating in the Farmer’s Test this Wednesday (20). Thus, the actress is the first confirmed in Roça.

When the peons thought that everything was defined, Tiago moved the vote with the Power of the Yellow Flame: “The owner of this power can earn R$ 10 thousand. If he accepts, the headquarters will be without coffee for 48 hours”.

The singer chose to take the money home. In addition to those nominated for the Roça, the pedestrians received a punishment as a gift!

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