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Arcrebiano de Araújo (Bil), Gui Araujo, Laryssa Bottino and Valentina Francavilla form the fifth swidden of A Fazenda 13. The swiddens of the week were defined at dawn this Wednesday (20). Who do you want to stay on the Record reality show? Vote in the poll at the end of this text.

With little prominence in the season, Tiago Piquilo was finally able to assume a more significant role in the game by starting the formation of the hot seat with the discovery of the lamp’s powers. After winning the Trial of Fire, the countryman had to choose between the red and yellow scrolls. He opted for the lighter color and handed the darker one to MC Gui.

Then Dayane Mello made her nomination as farmer of the week and took aim at Bil, her biggest foe in the rural competition. A few days ago, she had already declared her intention to nominate her rival to the spotlight.

“He is a person who bothers me a lot in the dynamics of the house, in the tests he is very strong. And also because of a series of things that happened. In the first week, he thought he was the owner of the house; in the second week, he was changing the way of playing. He’s a very unstable person in the game, he doesn’t open up, he only opens up to his friends,” explained the model.

“when she got in there [na sede] with that hat, I already knew, it was already foreseen. The war between us is already well declared. She also knows, she’s a person I’ll always veto [das provas]. Her game is a game I don’t like. I think she is arrogant, a person who always wants to be the master of reason. He’s a person who never wants to expose himself either,” countered the capixaba.

After the bigwig vote, Adriane Galisteu began voting for the house. Rico was the most targeted, scoring six votes. Before defining the second roceiro, Galisteu asked MC Bill to reveal the order of the red parchment. “The owner of this power must nullify the votes of five pawns”, read the funkeiro. He chose to nullify the votes of Laryssa Bottino, Dynho Alves, Gui Araujo, Marina Ferrari and Bil — all but Lary had voted for Rico.

After that, the Alagoas got rid of the risk zone. With three votes, Gui Araujo ended up on the farm. Anitta’s ex-boyfriend pulled Valentina Francavilla, a resident of the stall, into the hot seat. Lary, on the other hand, took last place in the farm of the week after remaining in the dynamics of the remaining one and received the right to veto another opponent in the Prova do Farmeiro. She vetoed Valentina.

With that Bil, Gui and Lary will face each other in the dynamic for the head hat of A Fazenda 13, which will take place this Wednesday night, during the live edition on Record.

Before ending the program, Tiago was asked to read the power of the yellow flame. The countryman chose to keep R$ 10 thousand, but, for that, he had to take away the right of the other participants to consume coffee for 48 hours.

Check out the votes of the night:

  • MC Gui voted for Rico Melquiades
  • Arcrebiano de Araújo voted for Rico Melquiades
  • Valentina Francavilla voted for Gui Araujo
  • Tati Quebra Barraco voted for Rico Melquiades
  • Dynho Alves voted for Rico Melquiades
  • Rico Melquiades voted for Gui Araujo
  • Solange Gomes voted for Sthefane Matos
  • Marina Ferrari voted for Rico Melquiades
  • Gui Araujo voted for Rico Melquiades
  • Mileide Mihaile voted for Aline Mineiro
  • Erasmo Viana voted for Marina Ferrari
  • Laryssa Bottino voted for Aline Mineiro
  • Aline Mineiro voted for Gui Araujo
  • Sthefane Matos voted for Tiago Piquilo
  • Tiago Piquilo voted for Sthefane Matos

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