Brazil drops in mobile internet average; Sure is the fastest operator – 10/19/2021

Brazil’s mobile internet speed has worsened, according to ranking data by Ookla, the US company responsible for the popular test Speed ​​test performance of mobile connections. His survey, released yesterday, shows that the country has dropped one position and now occupies 76th place in the global table among 138 countries.

The report is based on the third quarter of 2021 and calculated that Brazil had an average mobile download speed of 33.92 Mbps (megabits per second), being the third best in South America, behind only Suriname and Uruguay, however well behind other countries. The global average was measured at 63.15 Mbps.

The first place on the list is the United Arab Emirates, with a speed of 238.06 Mbps, followed by South Korea, with 202.61 Mbps. Afghanistan, which is experiencing social and political tension, comes in last with an average rate of 7.27 Mbps for cell phones.

Ookla also measured the average fixed broadband speed in 181 countries. In this case, Brazil remained in 44th place, with 113.09 Mbps. Monaco appears in first, with 261.82 Mbps.

The last is Cuba. There, the citizens of the island sail at a speed of just 4.01 Mbps.

The best connections in Brazil

The report also pointed Brasília as having the highest mobile internet speed among the most populous cities in the country, with an average rate of 31.44 Mbps.

The ranking is completed by:

  • Curitiba (29.35Mbps)
  • Rio de Janeiro (25.14 Mbps)
  • São Paulo (25.08 Mbps)
  • Salvador (23.66 Mbps)
  • Goiânia (21.91 Mbps)
  • Belo Horizonte (21.60 Mbps)
  • Fortaleza (20.09 Mbps)
  • Recife (18.65 Mbps)
  • Manaus (18.37 Mbps)

Ookla analyzed the results of 2,481,218 devices from tests performed on Speedtest apps for the iOS and Android operating systems of major mobile operators.

Ranking of operators with the best services

Regarding cellular operators, Claro remained in first place in Brazil, being the fastest and most consistent in the third quarter of 2021 — in the previous quarter, the company achieved the same highlight. She got a score of 44.76. Vivo (32.19), Tim (28.21) and Oi (21.88) are the others that appear in the ranking.

The speed score is calculated from the average performance between download and upload, taking into account all types of networks (2G, 3G and 4G).

Regarding consistency, according to Ookla, the higher the score of a provider, the greater the probability that the consumer will enjoy acceptable quality on the internet.

In other words, Claro’s customers have an 88% chance of using a speed considered acceptable by international standards, which is a minimum download speed of 5 Mbps and an upload speed of 1 Mbps.

Fastest phones in Brazil

The iPhone 12 5G was the device with the best performance for downloading, with 53.28 Mbps, according to the company.

Among the top five smartphones on the list, four are versions of Apple’s cell phones. The only difference is the Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G, with an average speed of 37.73 Mbps, occupying fourth place.

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