Caixa releases a loan of up to R$1,000 for those born in March and April | Economy

Loan must be made through the Caixa Tem application
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Loan must be made through the Caixa Tem application

Those born until April, who have a Caixa Tem account, can now apply for a fully digital loan in the amount of up to R$1,000 through the application. For this, it is necessary to update the app and the personal register, with the scanning of an identity document and a “selfie” photo of the user. The evaluation will be completed within ten days.

The contracting is 100% digital, it is not necessary to go to a bank branch. The client can contract amounts between R$300 and R$1 thousand, with payment in up to 24 installments.

People born between May and December must wait for the credit to be released, according to the institution’s calendar, which runs until December 27th. For those who are not yet Caixa Tem customers, the timetable for opening the Poupança Digital+ account starts on November 8th for those born from January to June. New users will also be able to apply for credit.


Crédito Caixa Tem has two types of loans. The first is the Caixa Tem Pessoal Credit, free to use, to cover general expenses and bill payments, for example. The second option is the Caixa Tem for Your Business Credit — oriented towards expenses with suppliers, salaries of helpers/employees, water, electricity and rent bills, purchase of raw materials and merchandise for resale, among others.

What differentiates the two lines of credit is the allocation of resources. In all two, the contract value is from R$300 to R$1 thousand, and the interest rate is 3.99% per month, with payment in up to 24 installments.

The loan is credited exclusively to Poupança Digital+ after contracting, and the installments are debited monthly from the same account. Information on how to hire, make the payment or even pay off the loan is
available on the website.

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