CBF releases visitors in games and Classic-King will be able to have both fans; Sesa is not opposed

The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) updated the protocol it developed for the return of the public to the stadiums, for matches in competitions promoted by it. The main change was the release of the presence of visiting fans in football matches. The duel between Fluminense and Flamengo, scheduled for Saturday by Serie A, will already be held with two fans.

The authorization is present in criterion 2 of the document, more specifically in the letter F, although the text makes it clear that if the local health authorities (in each State) are contrary to the determination, it will not be applied.

In response to the THE PEOPLE, the Health Department of the State of Ceará (Sesa) said that “the decision to release ticket sales for visiting fans belongs to the club that promotes the game and is responsible for the operation of the event”, that is, it does not oppose the presence of visiting fans, as long as this group is submitted to the current protocol for a football game in the State of Ceará.

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The caveat is already made by the CBF itself, in the public return protocol. The mentor of Brazilian football also determines that the ticket prices for the opposing fans and the available load must comply with the rules of the General Regulation of Competitions (RGC), even with reduced capacities.

In this case, the sale of tickets to visitors at Castelão depends only on the host club. THE PEOPLE heard directors from Ceará and Fortaleza about the matter and the two clubs are still going to deliberate on the matter — the release of the CBF was announced late last night. For the game this Wednesday, 20, of Grandpa against Palmeiras, however, the sale goes only to fans of Ceará, even on the recommendation of security agencies, which the protocol also requires consent.


Scheduled for the 33rd round, still without a defined date and time, the second King Classic of Serie A of 2021, therefore, may have the presence of both fans, by agreement between the clubs.

Even before the release of the CBF, however, Ceará already understood that the protocol only prohibited the presence of visitors from other states.

When contacted, the Ceará Football Federation said that the whole issue of the presence of visiting fans in the stadiums will be aligned with Sesa.

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