Covid’s CPI president criticizes photo of ‘Sheikh Duduzinho Bolsonaro’ in Dubai

BRASILIA – The president of the CPI at Covid, Omar Aziz (PSB-AM), this Tuesday criticized federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP), who released a photo dressed as a “sheik” during a trip to Dubai, in the Emirates United Arabs. For Aziz, deputy “Duduzinho Bolsonaro”, son of President Jair Bolsonaro, should be an example for Brazilians.

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– Yesterday I saw Sheikh Duduzinho Bolsonaro, the sheikh of Brazil. (…) The pandemic (by Covid) is decreasing, but there is the pandemic of hunger and poverty. No congressman has the right to publish photos that are ‘in good shape’, while these Brazilians are in need – said Aziz, at the opening of the commission’s work.

Eduardo Bolsdonaro’s photo was also the target of criticism on social networks. The president’s son’s spending on the trip is being questioned by opposition lawmakers. Eduardo Bolsonaro participates in an official delegation to participate in Expo 2020.

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In a document sent to the Federal Public Ministry, federal deputy Marcelo Freixo (PSB-RJ) cites the GLOBO report that showed that the trip of government members to Dubai to promote tourism in Brazil was authorized by the Federal Executive to send a a delegation of 69 people for fairs and exhibitions, between September and October, and must spend at least R$ 3.6 million in the city. The congressman also requests that a procedure be instituted to determine “civil and criminal liability of those possibly responsible, if applicable.”

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