CVC opens store with its new concept in São Paulo

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CVC opened its first store based on the chain's new concept

CVC opened its first store based on the chain’s new concept

The planning of new and renovated CVC stores came out of the paper. The company, which has more than 1,200 franchises across the country, opens today (19) its concept store, with parameters and guidelines that will be present in all establishments of the brand until 2023. The first store of its kind is a unit own and is located in Shopping Cidade de São Paulo, in the city of São Paulo.

At the opening event, the operator, through its executives, emphasized that it sees that it was time to evolve, above all by building environments that emphasize technological interaction, sustainable construction and inclusion issues, in addition to a better customer experience. The environment, classified as “the store of the future”, by the CEO of CVC Corp, Leonel Andrade, when the prototype was launched it is already serving in the new format.

With this opening, the company should trigger a sequence of store openings along these lines. “It is planned to open 15 stores with the new layout – eight in São Paulo and seven in Rio de Janeiro this year. Within 24 months, we should have another 200 new stores in several cities across the country”, he announced the executive director of CVC Corp’s B2C business, Daniela Bertoldo.

PANROTAS / Filip Calixto

Leonel Andrade, CEO of CVC Corp, and Daniela Bertoldo, Executive Director of B2C Business at CVC Corp

Leonel Andrade, CEO of CVC Corp, and Daniela Bertoldo, Executive Director of B2C Business at CVC Corp

With the increase in the number of stores, the chain warns that it will also open up new job opportunities, generate income and move the local economy. The estimate is to open another 1 thousand new jobs, which will add to the more than 10 thousand jobs, direct and indirect, that CVC already provides.

Another important point of this new moment for the operator is the growing diversity in the workforce. “We selected people from different affinity groups – gender, race, age group, LGBT+ community and PCDs, to compose the team for the new store”, says the executive. “Admissions had the support of specialized consultants, such as TransEmpregos and the NGO Empoderando Refugiadas, which led to the hiring of a refugee, who is undergoing training that includes adaptation to the country’s culture and content in her native language.”

See below some photos of the opening of the new CVC store in São Paulo.

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