how to register? What is the discount amount?

In January 2022, a measure that has already been adopted by many companies responsible for the distribution of electricity across the country begins to apply: the automatic inclusion of low-income people in the social energy tariff. The benefit provides discounts of up to 65% on the electricity bill for families with an income of up to half a monthly minimum wage per person.

The law was created because, in the government’s assessment, many people do not know that they are entitled to a discount. The National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) estimates that nearly 17 million families could pay less on electricity bills.

O UOL consulted energy concessionaires operating in the State of São Paulo to talk about the discount.

enel São Paulo and Elektro say that they automatically include people who fit the conditions to pay the social tariff.

THE Energisa states that it has been automatically registering low-income families since 2019.

In cities served by the group CPFL Energy, the search for people who are in a vulnerable situation is carried out every two months.

In Guarulhos (metropolitan region of São Paulo), EDP São Paulo had already started a project this year that included 1,900 families registered in CadÚnico and mapped as possible beneficiaries. Company technicians are visiting each of them door-to-door. The new decision does not change the action plan, according to the company, which should be completed in December.

See the most common questions about the topic.

Is the rate already valid?

Yes. The social energy tariff was created in 2002, and since then it has benefited low-income families, registered in federal social assistance programs, with discounts ranging from 10% to 65%, according to consumption

Who is entitled?

Families enrolled in any social program of the federal government with family income, per person, of up to R$550 (half the minimum wage, in 2021) are entitled to the benefit. Those who have Bolsa Família, Bolsa Escola or Auxílio-Gás may also be entitled to a discount on electricity, as well as people who receive the Continuous Cash Benefit (BPC).

What has changed with the new law?

In practice, little. Many energy companies already included, on their own, low-income residents who could access the social tariff. What the new legislation determines is nothing more than the regulation of this.

What is the discount?

The discount table is divided as follows:

  • up to 30 kWh/month: 65% discount
  • from 31 kWh/month to 100 kWh/month: 40% discount
  • from 101 kWh/month to 220 kWh/month: 10% discount
  • from 221 kWh/month: no discount

There is a difference for indigenous and quilombola families that are enrolled in CadÚnico: if they consume up to 50 kWh/month, the discount is 100%.

How to apply?

You should contact your local electric utility if they have not already done so.

In the State of São Paulo, the companies are:

In all cases, it is mandatory to present identity documents, house code (available on the energy bill) and Social Identification Number (NIS), family code or BPC benefit number

I’m within the requirements, but I couldn’t register

Your data in CadÚnico may be out of date. You should look for a unit of the Reference Center for Social Assistance (CRAS) in your city to verify the registration.

It is possible to consult the addresses in your city on a platform of the Ministry of Social Development (

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