Leonardo’s wife wears a transparent dress and displays a tight butt

Poliana Rocha, Leonardo's wife
Poliana Rocha, Leonardo’s wife (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

The journalist Poliana Rocha, wife of singer Leonardo, caught the attention of followers when she shared a charming record of a sunny day at the farm do maridão, in Goiás.

With a lace dress and a thin black bikini underneath, the cat sported her corpse on the riverbank and left her bottom visible. hard. The look was completed with an orange sandal and sunglasses.

“Renew your soul with good energy. Your heart ‘thanks!!! #farm #family”, wrote Poliana in the caption of the post, which yielded more than 560 thousand likes.

“Sweetie”, “Perfect”, “Positivity always for you guys lindaaaaaaa“, “What a woman my friends what a woman”, “It doesn’t even seem like you have a child 😍”, “My goal is to be the same as you kk❤️”, were some of the comments left by internet users.

Recently Poliana showed all her affection for her daughter-in-law, Virginia Fonseca, wife of Zé Felipe, and published a statement about the launch of the influencer’s makeup line: “Proud of you @virginia 🌸!!!! May this be the first of many releases in your life…..I LOVE VC!!”.

husband’s betrayals

In conversation with the followers, Poliana Rocha showed that she does not care about the past problems of your relationship with Leonardo. The famous revealed that for a long time she suffered from her lover’s betrayals, but that she allowed herself to forgive herself.

“Have you been saddened by any criticisms of your 25 years of marriage?” asked a follower. Right after she talked about the “horned” fame, which ended up loading for a long time in the media.

“It came out on several websites and I was super grateful for the affection of people, but there are many nasty comments calling me horn, cuckold, that I was with him for money! But, actually, they are judgments of mere people who don’t even know my life story, of overcoming it! I even read a few, but I felt sorry for the person who made the comment, not me. Yes, I was betrayed, very open, I allowed myself to forgive, I got over it and built a beautiful family! It’s my credit, how can I feel bad?”, she replied.

At another moment Poliana assured that the her relationship with Leonardo improved a lot after she decided to forgive him and since then they have been without a fight for three years. “When I allowed myself to forgive him, I swore to myself that I would never talk about these matters (the betrayals) again, and so I do!” she explained.

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