Male “Contraceptive” bathes testicles and wins prize in Germany

A German scientist won the main prize at the James Dyson Awards, which encourages new inventors. Rebecca Weiss of the University of Munich, Germany, created an ultrasound-based artifact that promises to revolutionize male contraceptive methods.

Tired of suffering from the side effects caused by contraceptives and after having faced cancer – probably caused by the frequent use of pills – she developed a device called COSO. O The device allows the testicles to be periodically submerged in an ultrasound bath to inhibit sperm movement.

THE UPI, Weiss said that she and her partner were looking for an alternative method, and became aware of the lack of male contraceptives.

With just a few minutes of action and the sensation of just a warm “bath”, the method is painless, however, there is no information available on whether there are adverse side effects. It works like this, the user puts water in the device up to the indicated mark, which is defined in conjunction with a physician according to the size of the individual testicle.

The liquid is then heated to operating temperature. COSO is ready for ultrasound treatment. The process takes just a few minutes.

The device is used every few months – which were not specified in the publication – to maintain the interruption in the movement of sperm and, consequently, prevent them from being able to fertilize eggs.

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As a reward, Weiss took home $45,000, and most importantly, he won the entity’s recognition to seek funding to move into the testing phase and try to make the device viable for sales.

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