Marília Mendonça comes to Maiara’s defense after criticism: ‘How lowly’ | Fabia Oliveira

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Published 10/19/2021 19:31 | Updated 10/19/2021 22:09

Marília Mendonça defended her friend Maiara after some criticism she received on the internet in recent days. “I see some comments from women about another woman who makes me want to poke my eyes out… we still have a lot to improve, see? How ugly! What a shame! Ugly, empty people who, in addition to not adding anything relevant to the world, still do a disservice to attack another woman who doesn’t even know about her existence because she works so hard she doesn’t even have time for it. How lowly, ladies. From bad to worse!”

Maiara was attacked after breaking up her engagement once again with Fernando Zor and some followers said she would be begging to get back together with her ex. “A brief story about Maiara. Maiara started singing at age 7 with her twin sister. At age 15, she left her parents’ house in Araguaína and moved to São Paulo in search of her dreams. Maiara conquered the whole of Brazil on her first DVD. Maiara taught me a lot about voice and generosity.”

“She’s so badass, she has no idea I’m doing this and when she knows she’ll say she doesn’t have to, because she really doesn’t have to. She’s adult and strong as hell, but it’s indigestible to see that they sum up all the complexity she is. , into something that is a part of what Maiara is,” he concluded.

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