Marrone is caught making out with a new girlfriend in a restaurant

The singer Brown of the duo with Bruno, appeared in a restaurant in São Paulo accompanied by his new girlfriend, Fernanda. The two seemed quite in love, as they were caught giving many kisses, with the right to hugs and caresses. The lovebirds were accompanied by friends who didn’t seem to mind the couple’s exhaling passion.

The girl who works in the financial sector is the newest partner of the country singer who used to date a nutritionist also named Fernanda. The recording of the images was made by the journalist Felipeh Campos, one of the members of the program “A Tarde é Sua”, hosted by presenter Sônia Abrão.

The 55-year-old singer has dated a few women since his three-year marriage to Nathalia Portes came to an end in 2014 after rumors of betrayal. Then, Marrone dated Tati Benevides, who is a fashion blogger and then a nutritionist and namesake of her new girlfriend, Fernanda Di Lima.

brown just joined of the musical reality, The Masked Singer Brazil. He was wearing the Boi-Bumbá costume and surprised judges and viewers when he was eliminated in the fourth week of the program and took off his mask revealing that he was a countryman. Many internet users had already guessed that Boi-Bumbá’s voice was from the sertanejo, even before the elimination.

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Recently, Brown vented about the relationship with the music companion, Bruno. The countryman from Goiás revealed in an interview with Dudu Purcena, that he does not hide his discomfort with Bruno’s excessive drinking, especially during concerts and at the lives held at the time when the pandemic was at its peak.

“[Ele] crosses the line, certainly. But God gave me this mental and spiritual balance so I could contain myself there at the time, let it roll and stay in my corner, holding the ends”, said the countryman. The musician also stated that he has already thought about giving up the duo after episodes with a lot of drinking and a situation considered by him as unfair.

“It happens in difficult moments, and I can’t not say that at that moment it makes me want to kick the bucket and abandon the boat, sometimes. Because maybe I find some situations a little unfair. But at those times, God takes my hand and says, ‘Be quiet, let the dust settle.’ But this is no joke, it’s not easy”, reported the musician.

Despite the delicate relationship with the musical partner, brown insisted It should be noted that Bruno is not a bad person, and that everyone has flaws: “We all have flaws, no one is the same. So, since there are partnerships, in these moments we have to have our heads in the right place, someone has to have the spirit there, at that moment, to calm the situation, to take that situation well, to know how to get around”, finished.

Marrone exchanges kisses and caresses with his new girlfriend, Fernanda, in a restaurant in São Paulo (Reprodução Felipeh Campos)

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