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Enough of the mystery! The long-awaited moment to find out who is behind the Monster’s cuteness has arrived! So, did you guess it was Nicolas Prattes? The actor took second place in the first season of The Masked Singer Brasil and was the penultimate unmasked in the Grand Final. About the experience in the program, he said:

“It’s a heavy costume, it must be about 15kg. And I was feeling it, it seemed that the Monster was talking to me. I was born here (on stage), my mother had me at 17 and took me to the aisles of the stage. A kiss to the stage. my mother, everything is for you. I am and am in this profession because of her”.

Monster — Photo: Globo/Kelly Fuzaro

Rodrigo Lombardi says Nicolas was the one who most understood the program and Eduardo Sterbitch filled the actor with praise. “I’m going to miss this a lot. I had a phrase that I used to say all the time in the wings, which was: even if it’s your last performance, go with your heart,” said Nicolas.

This Tuesday night, October 19, Monstro and Unicorn had the final clash of the season and Unicorn won the day, with a vote from the judges.

Time to remember the Monster’s tips:

  • Nail biting is one of the crazes
  • “I already have an intimacy with the stage. My family used to take me to the aisle of the theater when I was just a little monster. Today I’m going to show a side that no one knows.”
  • “I’ve already won an international award”
  • Hobbies: Meditation and Yoga
  • He has a lot of energy, he’s very agitated, and he’s been kicked out of school a few times. Jumped out of a moving car at 8 years old. He was already federated in football.

Monster — Photo: Globo/Kelly Fuzaro

  • I’ve been on the podium in an international marathon
  • Defect is stubbornness
  • “I had to leave my passion for football to study. As I have a lot of energy, I got to know the theater. I collect trophies and I want to win The Masked Singer Brasil’s”
  • is addicted to adrenaline
  • “My relationship with music started early, there were always shows at family parties. Business got serious when I had to learn to play guitar in three months. Since then, this instrument has become a great friend.”

Monster dances on stage at ‘The Masked Singer Brasil’ — Photo: Globo/Kelly Fuzaro

  • Mysterious box: water bottle
  • “I was once a bad boy, a good guy and even the monster of the story. In one of my last jobs, I also had a mommy who taught me a lot. Now, I want to get all these amazing experiences to rock in today’s performance and to secure a place in the final of The Masked Singer Brasil”
  • I’ve never/Have I ever – Edu Sterbitch asked Monster: “Have you ever dated someone famous?” Answer: “I have”/ Simone wanted to know: “Have you ever participated in a soap opera with a musical?” Answer: “I have.” “Have you ever been a villain in a soap opera?” Answer: “I already”
  • “I was born in a year when there was a lot going on. Rose and Jack on the movie screens and Brazil stopped watching the story of Greenville. I decided to surf this wave of hits and ended up on TV with just two years of old, I made a really cute little monster in this job, but I ended up coming back to the small screen 15 years later. Lately, you’ve probably gotten used to seeing me around here. And I can’t wait for you to meet me and reveal who’s the winner for behind the most beloved monster in the competition”.

Cute Moment: All Monster Performances

Check out some interesting facts about Nicolas’ career:

  • The actor participated in Terra Nostra in childhood:

Nicolas Prattes debuted on TV in ‘Terra Nostra’. — Photo: Globe

  • In 2020, he participated in the remake of Éramos Seis:

Nicolas Prattes as Alfredo, in ‘Éramos Seis’ — Photo: Globo

  • He has also participated in Rock Story:

Nicolas Prattes reveals similarities with Alfredo and spoils a new phase

Nicolas Prattes reveals similarities with Alfredo and spoils a new phase

  • Has already won Crush of the Year award in 2018:

Nicolas Prattes receives 'crush of the year' trophy from Gshow 2018 Awards

Nicolas Prattes receives ‘crush of the year’ trophy from Gshow 2018 Awards

  • Loves being in the middle of nature:
  • He reviewed his first TV test recently:

Nicolas Prattes reviews his first test on Globo

Nicolas Prattes reviews his first test on Globo

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