Paola Carosella Announces End of Marriage to Jason Lowe

Paola Carosella surprised his followers this Tuesday, October 19, when he announced the end of his marriage to Irish photographer Jason Lowe. The two were together since 2013. Through Instagram, the chef posted a photo and wrote a text about the breakup.

“Hi loves! Today I came to share something with you. I share because I have received so much love over my years as a “public person”. These are words of admiration, encouragement, affection, coming from people I don’t know, but who know me, who like my work, who cheer, who get upset, who vibrate, who vote, who dedicate time of their lives to me, without even really knowing me. I feel honored and very grateful,” began Paola.

Then she commented: “I also feel like I need to tell you that my relationship with Jason is over, we’re not together anymore. The reasons and whys will always be ours, but you cheered for us, you were moved by us, you gave us support and so much love, that I feel you are part of this story too. In a few weeks I will be 49 years old, 7X7. For those who believe in setenniums and their strength like me, it is a unique and magical moment. I’m fine, surrounded by love, I have the best friends and partners I could have dreamed of, a beautiful family, thousands of amazing projects underway, and the feeling of having done everything I could have done, as I always have. The Youtube program Nossa Cozinha continues, and it will always be our kitchen because it is mine and all of you. One more reason to thank all the love we receive there every day. Love then, which has plenty and overflows. Thanks.”

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