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the governors of São Paulo, João Doria, It’s from Rio Grande do Sul, Eduardo Leite, in addition to the former mayor of Manaus Arthur Virgílio Neto participated this Tuesday in a debate promoted by newspapers “Value” and “The globe“.

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  • Analysis: Doria, Leite and Virgílio make little effort to expose differences

Most of the time, the three pre-candidates for the presidency by the PSDB they agreed with each other on broader issues, such as the need for programs to protect women, the promotion of sustainable development in the Amazon, and the recovery of foreign policy. At times, there were some needlings, especially in relation to the president Jair Bolsonaro.

Check below some selected phrases from the debate and that show a little of the opinion of the three PSDB candidates for the Presidency:

Previews do not divide, do not fractionate. Previews add up, add up

— João Doria on PSDB previews

I’ll finish this. The government is now hostage to Congress. The government must respect Congress, but not be held hostage

— João Doria on the relationship between the Executive and the Legislative

From the results of the vaccination, people will understand that the measures we adopted were necessary

— João Doria on the restrictions adopted during the fight against covid-19

It was a mistake

— Eduardo Leite on his explanation of vote for Jair Bolsonaro in 2018

It is a compromise, I will not be a candidate and we will open the debate on re-election in Brazil

— Eduardo Leite on the end of reelection in the Executive

I don’t accept that they steal our future, I’m here, to some extent, representing a new generation

— Eduardo Leite about his candidacy in the PSDB previews

If ‘disobedience’ continue in the Amazon, Brazil may suffer ‘intervention’

— Arthur Virgílio on the protection of the Amazon

Can’t go on logging and land grabbing spree

— Arthur Virgílio on social and environmental problems in the Amazon.

If it wasn’t for this serious situation that threatens the forest, maybe I would have no reason to give it, but I’m sure the forest is financed by the Free Zone [de Manaus]

— Arthur Virgílio on the withdrawal of subsidies for the Manaus Free Trade Zone

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