To attract gamers, Realme launches cell phone with fast processor for R$ 3,699 – 10/19/2021

Realme’s smartphone line gained another member in Brazil. The company brought its model to the Brazilian market GT Master Edition, which focuses on attracting mobile gaming enthusiasts.

The Realme GT Master Edition officially costs R$ 3,699 and falls within the category of premium intermediate smartphones — that is, it brings together advanced configurations present in more expensive cell phones. The model is the first in the country with the manufacturer’s most robust configurations.

Tilt received an early version for testing that tells below the first impressions of the new phone from Realme.

screen and design

The Realme GT Master Edition’s screen is wide at 6.43 inches diagonally (16.33 centimeters) with Full HD+ resolution (2,400 x 1,080). A good size to play with. The refresh rate reaches 120 Hz — it represents the fluidity of the scenes on the display. The higher the number, the better.

The touch-screen speed index reaches 360Hz, with an ultra-fast response that reduces any delay in the gaming experience, explains the manufacturer.

In the few days experience I had with GT Master Edition, I felt that the smartphone offers a good quality set for video images, game graphics and photo display.

Regarding the design, the device has a modern style. The color called Daybreak Blue (dawn blue in free translation) involves a clear metallic surface with shades that look like silver.

Realme GT Master Edition - Disclosure/Realme - Disclosure/Realme
Image: Disclosure/Realme

gamer performance

The launch works with the Snapdragon 778G 5G processor, manufactured by Qualcomm, with eight cores. The promise is that the cell phone will not let down those who like online games. According to the company, the chip guarantees more performance and less energy consumption.

So that a possible overheating does not affect the performance of the GT Master Edition, Realme says that it has a cooling system by steam chambers, capable of reducing the temperature to 15 degrees Celsius.

Allied to the processor, there is the memory expansion technology capable of increasing the RAM size, used to perform actions and momentarily store information on the device.

Officially, RAM is 8GB, but it manages to reach 13GB during use because of the availability of 5GB of internal storage memory, which has a total of 256GB. It’s as if the device borrows some memory to improve the phone’s processes.

Since the cell phone intends to deliver robustness for games, I downloaded the famous Free Fire. The download took a short time. During my experience with the game, I had no problems with crashes, which has already demonstrated how much the processing supports the stride.

The new smartphone is compatible with 5G, which is still being tested in a few Brazilian cities.


The battery has 4,300 mAh, and the charger is 65W, capable of recharging 50% of capacity in just 13 minutes, according to Realme. From zero to 100%, it can take 33 minutes.

In my initial tests, it took me less than half an hour to get the phone fully charged.

The charger pins I received are straight, in the North American standard of outlets, however, the Chinese company claims that the accessory will reach the Brazilian standard for consumers. She just didn’t give a set date for it.

Camera set

On the back of the smartphone, the launch has three cameras: a main 64 MP, an 8 MP and a 2 MP.

Selfies can be taken by the 32 MP front camera.

In my initial test, the photo quality was a good standard, with no delay in using the image capture application. The photos were very sharp and the sensors were able to pick up good details of a landscape or object, for example.

I quickly tested a photography feature called Urban Mode, which has fixed focus on the scene and special filters — which are only seen on professional cameras, according to Realme.

The operating system is based on Android 11 and provides some popular apps already installed, such as TikTok, Twitter, Facebook and Netflix. Other apps present, less known, could be dispensed with.

Sales Promotion Period

Realme entered into a partnership with Americanas stores in the pre-sale of the device. Until the 21st, the consumer who buys the launch will have R$ 250 of cashback (mode in which the money returns to the consumer) and will take the phone Realme buds Air Pro together.

As of the 22nd, the product will be available in more virtual stores such as Casas Bahia, Mercado Livre, Amazon, AliExpress and present in Havan establishments.

Realme GT Master Edition datasheet

Operational system: Android 11
Screen: 6.43 inches, Full HD+, 120 Hz;
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 778 5G;
cameras: 64 MP rear (main); 8 MP Ultrawide and the third 2 MP (macro); and front 32 MP;
Memory: 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage;
Drums: 4,300 mAh

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