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The US federal government’s new policies on Covid-19 vaccination could influence the lives of many UFC fighters in other countries. In a statement sent to athletes and their teams this Tuesday, and which was reported on the website “MMA Junkie”, UFC business director Hunter Campbell informed them of changes in international travel to the US.

Campbell explained that foreigners intending to enter the United States after November 8 will need to be fully vaccinated with one of the seven vaccines approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and present proof. In addition, they will need a negative Covid-19 test taken within 72 hours of travel. The policy also applies to those traveling from Canada or Mexico, or arriving by ship.

UFC warned athletes about changes in government policy on Covid-19 vaccination for foreign passengers — Photo: Evelyn Rodrigues

– Foreign air passengers must be fully vaccinated and provide proof of their vaccination status to fly to the United States. Fully vaccinated travelers must also provide a negative Covid-19 test prior to departure, taken three days prior to travel, prior to boarding. This policy also applies to foreigners who cross the land borders with Canada and Mexico or who arrive in the US by ship – says part of the memo sent by Campbell.

As well as Dana White, UFC president, had already reinforced in the sense that he will never force his fighters to be vaccinated, the business director reiterated that the measure belongs to the federal government, and tried to indicate options for those who do not want to be vaccinated.

– To be clear, this is NOT a UFC policy. The UFC does not require you to get vaccinated. We are simply communicating the new guidelines recently announced by the US government (…). This policy goes into effect on November 8th, leaving very little time to make arrangements if you’re fighting on a UFC card in November. If you decide to travel to the US before the new policy takes effect, you will need an exemption if you are traveling from one of the restricted countries. Please contact the UFC Immigration team (…) so we can ensure you have a valid travel exemption in place (…). It is not clear at this time what parameters will apply to US citizens or permanent residents (Green Card holders) who have not been vaccinated.

Vaccination will be mandatory for foreign travelers from Nov. 8 — Photo: Istock Getty Images

In June, Combate carried out a survey with all the Brazilian fighters in the UFC at the time to find out who had already been vaccinated or intended to be vaccinated, or who did not. Only eight (8.5%) Brazilian UFC fighters said they did not intend to get vaccinated: Dhiego Lima, Herbert Burns, Johnny Walker (lives in Ireland), Pedro Munhoz, Rafael Alves, Rafael dos Anjos (lives in Brazil), Rani Yahya (lives in Brazil) and Taila Santos (lives in Brazil).

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