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The most unsuspecting fan may even look at the confrontation between Atlético-MG and Cuiabá and think that Galo should have an easy life at Mineirão this Sunday, at 4 pm (GMT). Far from it, at least because of the history as a visitor of someone who will be on the other side. The promise is a tough game in the leader’s duel against the 10th placed Brasileirão.

No wonder Cuiabá took points from Flamengo in Maracanã in the last round of the championship – a result, by the way, that minimized the mourning for the athletic defeat to Atlético-GO, in Goiania. The team from Mato Grosso is the least defeated in games as a visitor to the Brasileirão.

– We have a very complicated game. A team that likes to make it difficult playing away from home, which has been growing very well. That we can enter with the determination for us to proceed and to erase the last round with defeat – said defender Réver.

Images of the Cuiabá 0 x 1 Atlético clash, in the first round — Photo: AssCom Dourado

Apart from Galo himself, who hosts Cuiabá only this Sunday, at Mineirão, all the other G-6 teams that had the Dourado as a visitor lost points. The team from Mato Grosso beat Palmeiras at Allianz Parque (0x2) and drew with Flamengo (0x0), Fortaleza (0x0), Bragantino (1×1) and Internacional (0x0).

In 13 away matches, Galo’s rival this Sunday was defeated only in the duel of the second round, when he fell to the Fluminense, 1 to 0, at Maracanã. Since then, the team led by coach Jorginho has drawn nine times and won three more.

In the first game, at Arena Pantanal, Galo got the better of Dourado by 1-0. The goal was scored by Nacho Fernández.

Cuiabá managed to hold Flamengo in the last round of the Brasileirão — Photo: André Durão

To counterbalance the strength of Cuiabá as a visitor, on the other side there is “only” the leader and best team in the championship acting under their domains.

In 12 games, Galo only lost on the debut, to Fortaleza, and since then has a record of 10 victories and only one draw (in front of the lantern Chapecoense).

There are nine straight wins at Mineirão, which may have a record attendance this Sunday, as the Atlético reduced ticket prices and could fill up to 50% of the stadium’s capacity. The expectation is 30,000 fans for the duel against Cuiabá.

– We know that now every game is a decision. Every game becomes more important. We cannot enter as if everything had been defined. Quite the opposite. We have a very complicated game – pondered Rever.

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