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In Império, José Alfredo (Alexandre Nero) will set up an infallible plan to arrest Maurílio (Carmo Dalla Vecchia) in the act. He will take advantage of knowing about the camera hidden by his rival in his office and will tell Cristina (Leandra Leal) that he will find a mysterious informant. The villain will follow and be arrested when he points a gun at the commander. “Now all that’s left is Fabrício Melgaço”, the rich man will say in the 9:00 pm soap opera on Globo.

With the help of Bruna (Kiria Malheiros), Alexandre Nero’s character discovered that he was being spied on by the biologist. One step ahead of his rival, he will pretend he doesn’t know anything and will tell his bastard daughter details about a fictitious date. He will tell you the place, the time and even reveal that he will be without the company of Josué (Roberto Birindelli).

In scene that will aired this Monday (25), José Alfredo will ask his henchman to pull some strings at the police. “I want them to be prepared for everything. This man needs to be arrested, and today he doesn’t pass”, will affirm the “man in black”.

Thinking he’s on top of everything, Maurílio will talk to a man who won’t appear to the public in his car. “I know you didn’t want to miss the show, but I would feel safer if I were alone,” he will say, who will get out of the car when he sees his enemy and will aim a revolver in his direction.

Cristina will be worried about her father and, knowing the plot, she will go out into the street and see Maria Marta’s ex-fiancé (Lilia Cabral) about to shoot. She will scream for help and the police will immediately handcuff the villain, who will fall like a duck into the trap.

While Maurílio will be detained by the officers, the secret man will put his foot on the accelerator and drop out of the scene. José Alfredo will even try to contain him, but he will lose sight of him. “The important thing is that we’ve got this bastard. All that’s left is the other one, whoever he is”, he will conclude.

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Maurílio (Carmo Dalla Vecchia) will be arrested

Chapter summary

Monday, 10/25 (Chapter 169)
Maurílio prepares to surprise José Alfredo. Maria Marta decides to visit Silviano. Xana hears Antônio tell Naná that he will be late for the meeting with the director of the shelter. Danielle argues with José Pedro. Maria Clara arranges with Claudio the preparations for her wedding party. Téo tells Érika that he will publish the entire content of Silviano’s interview.

Elivaldo and Tuane criticize Cristina for accepting to be Maria Clara’s godmother. Xana pretends to be Antônio for the director of the shelter. Severus confirms to Magnolia that they are broke. Magnolia cannot ask Maria Isis for money. Maurílio watches José Alfredo beside a mysterious escort. Cristina sees Maurílio pointing his gun at José Alfredo.

Tuesday, 10/26 (Chapter 170)
Maurílio accuses Marcao of being his accomplice. José Alfredo guides Maria Marta to continue her plan. Danielle tries to open Maurílio’s safe. Pereira tells Chief Tadeu that Marcão is Maurílio’s accomplice. Maria Marta looks for Bruna. Marcao is arrested. Bruna helps José Alfredo open Maurílio’s safe.

Téo is thinking about publishing Erika’s interview about Salvador. Salvador celebrates the sale of his paintings. Carmen hands Jonas Orville’s check. Maurílio reveals to Danielle the password to his vault. José Alfredo opens Maurílio’s safe. Etevaldo tells Xana that Miriam wants to see her marriage to Naná. Antônio takes advice from Vicente.

José Alfredo tells Maria Marta that Maria Isis will sleep with him in the mansion. Silviano looks for Merival. Cristina tells Elivaldo that Marcão was an informant for Maurílio. Carmen sets Jonah’s shop on fire, but ends up trapped in the flames. Silviano speaks to Maurílio at the police station.

Wednesday, 10/27 (Chapter 171)
Silviano thinks about asking Merival to free Marcão. Carmen tries to talk to Orville. Danielle goes to the police station and Bruna tells Maria Marta. Merival asks if Silviano is Fabrício Melgaço. Danielle tells Maurilio that her safe was empty.

Maria Ísis refuses to accept José Alfredo’s decision. Maria Marta decides to go to Petrópolis. Magnolia and Severus wait for Noely to get home. Enrico asks to cook with Vicente. Orville hears Carmen’s message and despairs. José Alfredo thinks about Maurílio’s arrest.

Marcão decides to tell what he did on Maurílio’s orders. Xana is ironic with Maria Clara. Ishmael orders Lorraine to return the gift she got from Silviano. Orville notes Carmen’s death, and Helena calms Salvador down. Lorraine sees José Pedro leave Silviano’s building.

Thursday, 10/28 (Chapter 172)
Maurílio talks to a jailer. Xana talks to Cristina about Maria Clara. Amanda and José Pedro argue. Magnolia scolds Severus. Orville and Helena are suspicious of Jonas’s sudden trip. Enrico and Claudio say goodbye. Maria Clara calls Enrico.

Maria Marta is preparing to travel to Petrópolis. Lorraine reads a mysterious note that is at Silviano’s house. Maria Ísis agrees to sleep at José Alfredo’s house. Lorraine goes to the Empire jewelry store with Ishmael. Danielle calls Erika. Silviano talks to Merival about Maurilio’s arrest.

Maria Marta and Brigel arrive in Petrópolis. Maria Clara shows José Pedro and João Lucas the designs of her new collection. José Alfredo questions José Pedro. José Alfredo meets Maria Marta and they discover who bought the mansion in Petrópolis. José Alfredo is suspicious of the fact that the house’s swimming pool is covered.

Friday, 10/29 (Chapter 173)
José Alfredo and Maria Marta are ecstatic with what they find in the pool. Maria Clara arranges the details of her wedding dress. Maria Clara and João Lucas question Cristina about the whereabouts of José Alfredo. José Alfredo calls Antoninho. Maurilio makes a mysterious call.

Vicente puts on his tailcoat. Maria Clara tells Maria Isis that José Alfredo is in Petrópolis with Maria Marta. Du talks with Maria Isis. Magnolia thinks about selling the apartment. Robertão is happy with the news he received from Téo and Érika. José Alfredo and Josué leave Petrópolis and travel to another city.

Silviano goes to the Império jewelry store. Xana looks for Cristina at the jewelry store. Silviano makes a request to Maria Marta. Silviano makes a mysterious call and travels to Petrópolis. Salvador paints a picture of Orville’s face. Claudio talks to Leonardo.

Saturday, 10/30 (Chapter 174)
José Alfredo arrives at Jesuína’s house and tries to convince her to talk to him. Maria Marta provokes Maria Isis. Aécio and Daniel decide to return to the farm. Silviano arrives at the mansion in Petrópolis. José Pedro overhears Maria Marta telling Maria Isis that José Alfredo traveled to seek information about Fabrício Melgaço. José Alfredo’s children are concerned about his sudden trip.

Silviano is startled by what he sees in the mansion. José Alfredo and Jesuína face off. Silviano faces Daniel and Aécio. Bruna calls Maria Marta. Maria Marta talks to Merival about Maurílio’s arrest. Danielle meets Merival. Maria Clara arranges the details of the wedding.

Xana and Naná talk about Vicente. Tuane gives advice to Cristina. Vicente thinks of Cristina. Amanda and José Pedro are thinking about getting married. Maria Ísis gets irritated with José Alfredo. Maurílio receives the release permit. José Alfredo and Josué invade Silviano’s house.

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