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Gen.G players at press conference after Worlds 2021 quarterfinals — Photo: Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

In one of the few questions about the match against Cloud9, midfielder Bo-seong “Bdd” needled the American club team when commenting on the reaction of opposing players to the draw for the playoff matches, as they believed it would be possible to win to Gen.G.

“Since they didn’t play against us, it’s understandable that they reacted that way, but seeing how today’s match ended, they shouldn’t have.

Bdd, one of the highlights of Gen.G, commented on reaching the semifinals. It’s his first time at this stage of the championship. In 2020, with Gen.G itself, and in 2017, by Longzhu Gaming, the middle fell in the quarterfinals of the World of LoL.

— As it’s my first time in the Worlds semifinals, I feel very good. For our match against EDG, I think the conditions on game day will be very important. I don’t believe the feats of the two teams are far apart.

This will also be Gen.G’s first semifinal. Sniper Jae-hyuk “Ruler” said that from last year, when the organization was eliminated in the quarter-finals, the team had improved communication.

“I think our communication in the game has improved, and we were also lucky in the switch draw.

Coach Yeong-dal “oDin” pointed out that the team needed to look in the same direction.

“There was only one thing we wanted to improve: everyone was looking in the same direction, whether in-game or off-game. We’re still working on it, but I think we’re doing fine now.

South Korean Gen.G players pose after victory in Worlds 2021 quarterfinals — Photo: Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

Commenting on the match against EDG in the semifinal, Ruler said:

“When I watched their matches, I saw parts where they did well, but they also made mistakes. I think we’re not perfect either, so I think it will be [um jogo] fierce and interesting. It will be fun to fight EDG’s bot lane.

Ruler also spoke about the China team’s lower lane, consisting of South Korean sniper Do-hyeon “Viper” and Chinese supporter Tian “Meiko”:

“I always thought they were really good, and I’m glad we were able to show a good game on the high-level stage. As for the result, as we often beat Viper, I’m confident.

Supporter Jeong-min “Life” also said he was confident of a win:

“I think EDG’s lower lane is really good, but I remember the Viper losing to me and Ruler. I am confident that we will win the semifinals.

Hunter Tae-min “Clid” also commented on the opponent in an eventual decision. In the other semifinal of Worlds 2021, the confrontation will be between the South Korean T1 and DWG KIA.

“Both teams are good. It’s hard to predict which one will win. Whatever the team, we will need to prepare well to win. But for us, the most important thing now is to win in the semifinals.

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