Worlds 2021: Ruler opines on Gen.G’s strength: “This will be decisive against EDG”

Gen.G ran over Cloud9 this Monday (25), by 3×0, in a series valid for the last Quarter Final of the Worlds 2021. With the victory of the South Koreans, all the semifinals were confirmed and only four teams remain in contention for the title.

Check out the stats of the series between Gen.G 3×0 Cloud9.

Ruler Gen.G Worlds 2021
Ruler believes in Gen.G’s teamfight power to beat EDG in the semifinals (Photo: Riot Games)

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After the match, Gen.G’s players and coaches held a press conference, where they talked about their expectations for the semifinal against EDG, as well as LCK’s great achievement: placing three South Korean teams into the Worlds Top4.

The shooter, Ruler, was the first to comment on Gen.G’s upcoming series, this time against LPL’s Seed 1, EDG. For the 2017 world champion shooter, teamfights will be fundamental for his team: “I believe we will play the fights better than them, I think this foundation will be decisive against EDG.”

The middle, Bdd, great highlight of Gen.G against Cloud9, believes that the level of the two teams is similar, so next Sunday (31) whoever arrives in better conditions will come out winner, that is, “whoever is better on the day. ”

The bot lane of the Korean team, formed by Ruler and Life, was very excited about the fact that EDG was the next opponent. For support, rival bot lane, Viper and Meiko, is quite strong and deserves double attention.

Life Gen.G Worlds 2021
Life arrives confident to face Viper and Meiko in the semis (Photo: Riot Games)

“EDG’s duo is very strong, but I remember that Viper has already lost to me and Ruler in the past, so I’m confident for the game”, he points out. Your shooter agrees and celebrates facing Viper in a Worlds 2021 semifinal.

I always thought the Viper was really good, so I’m really happy to be able to face him on a big stage like this. Even so, playing alongside Life, I feel very confident for the matchup.

Ruler, however, remains cautious as he remembers the mistakes made against Cloud9: “I don’t think we’re showing a perfect game at the moment, it’s going to be a pretty intense series against EDG.”

LCK Evolution for Worlds 2021

Compared to last year’s Worlds, when the LCK had only one team in the semi-finals, this time the region has placed three of its four representatives in the penultimate round of the Worlds. It is noteworthy that the only eliminated, Hanwha Life, faced another Korean team in the Wednesdays.

For Gen.G’s coach, oDin, this shows that South Korea has regained the international dominance of previous years, which did not appear in the 2018, 2019 and 2020 World Cups, despite the latter being in the hands of DAMWON Kia.

Gen.G Time Worlds 2021 WF
With the Gen.G ranking, LCK placed three of the four representatives in the semifinals (Photo: Riot Games)

Ruler, however, claims he hasn’t seen drastic changes made in his region from last year to this Worlds 2021. He points out Macro and Lane Phase improvements:

As for what changed in the LCK from last year to this year, there were no drastic changes in terms of macro in our region, compared to foreign teams, and our lane phase was not that much better than the others. But for this year, we’ve made a lot of adjustments on those two points, so we have three teams in the semifinals.

Defined Semifinals

With today’s series between Gen.G x Cloud9 completed, the two Worlds 2021 semi-finals have been defined. Next Saturday (30), we will have another LCK team meeting: the current world champion, DK from ShowMaker, faces the three-time champion T1, from Faker. The next day, it will be Gen.G and EDG’s turn to decide the last finalist.

You can check out the complete coverage of the Worlds here at Mais Esports.

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