After announcing the engagement, Babu Santana declares to the bride: ”Passion at first sight”

Actor and ex-BBB Babu Santana posted a photo displaying the engagement ring and declared himself to the beloved

Babo Santana (41) used social media to announce her engagement to Livia Nascimento.

On Instagram Stories, the actor shared a photo with the bride, and her children, Charlie, Laura and Pinah Santana and talked about the couple’s decision. “With the blessing of the children! You are now my bride”, he wrote.

On the night of this Wednesday, the 27th, the former participant of the BBB20 shared a photo in the Instagram feed showing the details of the alliance he chose for his beloved, as well as a record with the children, and made a statement to Lívia.

“Passion at first sight! Love at first touch! Have you ever felt it? Life has reserved this pleasure for me now. And I don’t have time to waste. Let’s jump together with a parachute. Hold on tight. Sticky little ones. Don’t be afraid. Marry me. ? Love you!”, said the artist.

Followers congratulated the couple. “Beautiful. May God bless you”, said a netizen. “Aeeee, great Babu! In life we ​​have to throw ourselves and fly. Congratulations”, wrote another. “Best wishes, daddy. All the happiness in the world for you”, desired a follower. “Congratulations to the couple! Best wishes”, said a fan.

It is worth remembering that Babu and Lívia took over the romance in July this year.

Check out Babu Santana’s declaration to his bride, Lívia Nascimento:

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