After dismissal for homophobia, Maurício Souza provokes with a straight kiss post

After the repercussion of his publication on Superman’s bisexuality, which resulted in a dismissal, volleyball player Maurício Souza returned to posting this Thursday morning. He posted a photo of the famous hero kissing Wonder Woman, the same image that Flávio Bolsonaro posted on his profile minutes earlier.

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Last Wednesday, Minas Tênis Clube announced the dismissal of Maurício. On the last 12th, the player was involved in a controversy when criticizing the comic book of the new Superman, in which there is a kiss between the character and a person of the same sex.

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“Oh, it’s just a drawing, it’s no big deal. Go on and see where we’re going to end up…”, wrote the player. He also criticized TV Globo’s decision to use a neutral pronoun in soap operas, out of respect for people who prefer not to identify with a specific gender.

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The case generated a crisis between teammates and sponsors, who asked the club for “appropriate measures”, given that Maurício made a hate speech.

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