Argentina, which had 88% of its body burned, becomes a model, athlete and example of overcoming difficulties

Athlete, model and future physical education teacher. That’s how 21-year-old Brisa wants to be remembered. Born in Salta, Argentina, the young woman who suffered burns in 88% of her body due to a fire that happened when she was only seven months old, today carries a story of overcoming difficulties and inspiration for many.

Even in the face of the scars and traumas and prejudice she suffers from, the athlete medalist in running and winner of three prizes in a beauty contest says: “if there was the possibility of having a face transplant, I would not accept it. I look in the mirror and I like the way I am”.

On the night of December 17, 2000, Brisa was the victim of a near-fatal fire. After being hit by the flames, the then seven-month-old baby lost her left hand and the burns affected very sensitive areas of her body, especially her head. Currently, the young woman wears a special helmet to protect the tissues that cover the brain.

Despite what had happened, Breeze was not shaken. At the age of 14, he started to practice running and, on several occasions, participated in local competitions and has already won a bronze medal in the 100 meters, as well as a silver medal in the 150 meters and shot put.

The young woman was also a gold medalist in the 200 meters after winning a race in which she did not hear the start signal and left later than her competitors.

For three years, Brisa has been the administrative secretary in the Sports Area of ​​the Municipality of Salta, and in 2020 she was invited to participate in the “Miss Mundo Beleza” contest, in which she won in three categories: the most voted photo on social networks; best partner; and strong woman. Currently, he is part of a modeling agency in Salta.

Now, Brisa wants to go back to studying and being a physical education teacher. “Nobody is more or less than the other, we are all the same. If they want to do something they like, they just have to propose and do it. What I set out to do, I always managed to do,” he said.

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