At the end of Genesis, Sheshi is amazed to come face to face with Apepi: ‘Kamesha?’

Sheshi (Fernando Pavão) will have a scare when he comes face to face with Apepi (an undisclosed actor) in Genesis. About to shoot an arrow at his rival, the king of Egypt will notice that there is another person inside the armor of the dethroned pharaoh. “Kamesha [Kizi Vaz]?”, will question the sovereign, who will have only a fraction of a second to decide if the woman is really his enemy in Record’s biblical soap opera.

The bad character will again instigate “Hórus Vivo” against the “second royal wife” in the serials of Camilo Pellegrini, Stephanie Ribeiro and Raphaela Castro. The monarch exiled his wife to Nubia when he suspected her fidelity, since Amarilis (Marianna Alexandre), before dying, found a sparrow feather in her sister-in-law’s belongings.

Kamesha only returned to the palace after Adja (Jullie Maggal) assured her that she had no involvement with Apepi. Hurt, she refused to go to bed with her partner. “May Pharaoh then take by force what he wants, because, of his own free will, and for love, I will never be his again,” cried the Egyptian.

Sheshi will roll to regain the queen’s trust, but he won’t even have time to kiss her in the scenes that will be shown from the next Monday (1st). The couple’s happiness will be interrupted by another puzzle wrapped in a sparrow feather, revealing that Merianat (Samia Abreu) ​​has been kidnapped.

Fernando Pavão’s character will risk his own neck to go after the enemy and rescue the queen. “Apepi, you bastard. I’m here. Why don’t you face me like a man, as we did on the battlefield? Coward! Where’s my wife?”, will shout the pharaoh, when he arrives at the place indicated by the last riddle.

Actress Kizi Vaz featured as Kamesha in the Genesis scene

Kamesha (Kizi Vaz) in Genesis

Who is Apepi in Genesis?

Then Teruel (Amaurih Oliveira) will appear in a carriage, which he will hastily abandon. Sheshi will fall like a duck in the trap, as he will scream in terror when he sees the bodies of Shetep (Camilo Bevilacqua) and Merianat bloodied inside the vehicle.

The nobleman will quickly notice that he has been passed over by noticing that the blood is fake, but will not have time to rescue the “first royal wife”. After all, Apepi will reveal that he was there all along, hiding, waiting to make his rival Muggle and escape.

Sheshi, however, won’t let him get away so easily. He will follow the chariot closely and will even aim his bow at the archenemy, startled to see a familiar face behind the armor. “It’s Kamesha”, will warn Potiphar (Val Perré).

The pharaoh, in a split second, will need to decide whether or not to shoot Kizi Vaz’s character. He’ll lower his gun, and Teruel will take advantage of the gap to jump out of the pharaonic car and disappear into the scorching desert sands.

The gentleman will not regret at all for having trusted that Kamesha is not a traitor and, much less, was impersonating Apepi. He will find her tied up and gagged, ready to be killed if he once again doubted her fidelity in the serials of Camilo Pellegrini, Stephanie Ribeiro and Raphaela Castro. With that, Apepi’s face will remain unknown.

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