At the end of the contract, Andrey talks about renewal with Vasco: “I’m not thinking about it” | Vasco

On the eve of the duel with CSA, scheduled for Friday, at 9:30 pm, defensive midfielder Andrey gave a press conference. In addition to the decisive game on the agenda, the athlete was asked about the fact that he is at the end of his contract with Vasco, which wins on December 31st. The number 6 shirt changed and ensured full focus on the last seven games valid for Serie B 2021.

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– I’ve always made my will clear, but first I’m focused on putting Vasco in Serie A, we have seven decisions. This part of the contract, my agents are talking to Bird and the board to decide what will be best for me and for Vasco. I’m sure they’ll come to an agreement or else they’ll decide what’s best for both parties.

– Everyone knows of my affection for Vasco, I will work hard until the end because it is our duty to place Vasco in Serie A. My thoughts are on that. In this part of contract renewal I’m not thinking. Leave to make that decision after we, thank God, are in Serie A.

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Back on the team, Andrey was also carried by Vasco fans — Photo: Carlos Gregório Jr. / Vasco

Prefer to be first or second wheel?

– In a matter of position, first or second, I like to act in both positions. At base, I’ve always played from the middle to the front, as I’ve also played from the middle to the back. Of course, being close to the goal and scoring a goal I like better, but regardless of the position I’m in, I’m there to help Vasco. The teacher corrected some of our positions, helped us to evolve and said that he will seek to make the players grow. And, thank God, I’m evolving. Now with more time working and better after the injury, I hope to evolve even more and help Vasco to gain access.

– Nenê is a great player, an example for all the players that are created here at Vasco. The responsibility is ours, the base players, but also the whole group. Whoever plays in Nenê’s position, I’m sure they’ll supply and has been waiting for this opportunity. He will definitely be missed by us. Those of us who have been here the longest have to take responsibility. We know since new the responsibility and the weight of this shirt. We have to beat our chests, show that we are in a big club and honor those colors.

– People inside the club work all the parts. Of course there’s the anxiety of wanting to put Vasco in Serie A, but Professor Fernando Diniz works a lot on this psychological part of us and there’s also Maíra. We are in a big club and we have to be used to this pressure. We cannot take this thing to the downside of wanting access right away and having peace of mind. We have seven decisions and everyone is focused to pursue the seven victories or as soon as possible to celebrate this access because we are all working hard for this.

Alongside Bruno Gomes, how do you prefer to play?

As I said, I like to play in both positions. I was used to playing second at base, here at the professional I started playing first. One of the great highlights I had in professional was with Abel, playing first, and making the exit of three. Of course we have preferences, at the moment I have been playing a little bit further back. And playing the way Professor Diniz plays, I can take turns with Bruno. It’s a more relaxed way for me and Bruno, as we can play in two positions and we feel more comfortable.

– We have been treating the CSA as another decision, as were all the games after Professor Diniz took over. We know that it will be a difficult game and that CSA has a very good team. We’ve already faced their coach when he was with Cruzeiro. We know it’s a fast team, hard and with experienced players. But we are working hard on what the CSA team has best to improve what we did against Náutico. We know we didn’t make a good start, so we have to evolve. Nenê is a great player, but there are players working and waiting a lot for this moment. We have to work as hard as we can, solving the mistakes we made against Nautical. The CSA is a decision, even more so after yesterday’s results (Tuesday). Enter the game to win and touch the G-4, which is our goal.

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