Average price of cooking gas in SC reaches R$110; see cost per city

Cooking gas prices in Santa Catarina continue to rise. Last week, from October 17th to 23rd, the average value of the cylinder in the state reached R$ 110.73, according to the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP). An increase of R$ 6 compared to the previous week, when the average price was R$ 104.64.

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The cooking gas in the state accumulates a high of 26% in the period from January to September this year. With the average value of the analyzed week – R$ 110.73 – this increase reaches 33% only in 2021.

The highest average value paid for the gas canister among the cities analyzed in Santa Catarina was registered in Caçador, in the west. In the city, the price reached R$ 121.67 last week.

Chapecó, Blumenau, Brusque and Florianópolis close the list of the five places with the most expensive product in Santa Catarina.

Average price of cooking gas in cities analyzed in SC

  • Hunter: R$121.67
  • Chapecó: R$120
  • Blumenau: BRL 120
  • Brusque: BRL 115.17
  • Florianópolis: R$114.62
  • São José: R$114
  • Clown: BRL 113.50
  • Biguaçu: BRL 111
  • Shark: BRL 111
  • Balneário Camboriú: R$ 109.50
  • Itajaí: R$109.33
  • Joinville: R$108.80
  • Mafra: R$106.85
  • Criciúma: BRL 104
  • Concordance: BRL 102.75
  • Araranguá: R$ 102.50
  • Lagoon: BRL 99

Santa Catarina should see another increase in the price of cooking gas

According to the president of the Union of gas resellers (Sinregas), Jorge Magalhães de Oliveira, the state tax should increase in the coming days due to Petrobras’ latest increase.

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– The price of the tax does not follow Petrobras’ increases, it follows the average prices charged to the final consumer. However, as the final prices also depend on Petrobras’ increases, one thing is directly linked to another – he explains.

The price of a gas cylinder is the sum of some values: what is charged at the refinery, federal taxes and the collection of ICMS (Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services) – which varies by state, as it is a state tax .

As Santa Catarina has not updated the value of the tax since the last adjustment of Petrobras, this should happen in the coming days, says the president of the union.

How long should the rise in gas prices last

According to the economics professor at Udesc, Adriano de Amarante, the trend is for the price of cooking gas to increase even more by the end of the year. According to the expert, there are surveys predicting a large increase, in all refineries, in the coming months.

– The forecast is pessimistic about the price of Oil [de onde vem as refinarias]. For example, there are already surveys that say a barrel of oil could reach $85 next year. Experts say that a balanced value would be a barrel at 55 dollars – he explains.

The political uncertainty in Brazil added to the devaluation of the real makes refineries increase in value, according to Amarante. The rise in the price of a barrel of oil, as the economist explains, happens all over the world. However, with the real devalued, Brazil is one of the countries hardest hit in relation to this increase.

According to the expert, prices do not tend to decrease. This is due to a movement in the economy, in which high prices internalize users, and companies themselves, which means that the value only stabilizes.

– There is rigidity in the drop in prices and this is due to inflationary feedback. People internalize the costs and it does not decrease, it just stabilizes – he explains.

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If there is a drop in value, the decrease should not be so great that cooking gas reaches a price lower than R$ 100, as at the beginning of the year, as stated by the economist.

income dispute

With the rise in prices, the tendency is for people to demand a higher minimum wage, as explained by the expert. This amount is R$1,100 at the moment.

– The problem is that the minimum wage increases and the value of ‘basic needs’ increases in the same proportion. Then there is a loss of income. There is an increase in wages, but also an increase in gas, food – he says.

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The increase in the minimum wage since 2019 was R$ 100, equivalent to 10% – at the time, the Brazilian minimum wage was R$ 998. The cooking gas cylinder, in the same period, had an increase of 58%, compared to last week’s average price. In January 2019, gas in Santa Catarina cost an average of R$69.73.

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