Bill, Tati or Rico? Partial points out who should leave today

Rivals Tati Quebra-Barraco and Rico Melquiades are competing in this week’s swidden, as well as MC Gui, who was nominated by the farmer in the swidden formation. Who will be eliminated and bid farewell to the chance to take home the R$1.5 million prize? We consulted the partial of the DCI poll to find out how the A Fazenda vote is so far.

How is the partial in the vote for A Fazenda?

For now, Tati Quebra-Barraco has the greatest dislike of the public. The funkeira occupies the first place in the partial of the poll ‘Who should leave’ and has 46.38% of the more than 65,000 votes added so far.

The second place belongs to Rico, the ex-On Vacation with his ex has 31.81% in the vote for A Fazenda, a difference of 14.57% in relation to Tati’s percentage.

In the last position of the voting ranking of A Fazenda, and apparently calm about elimination, is MC Gui, who adds 21.76% of the votes.

Voting started on Wednesday night (27) – Photo: DCI/Reproduction

How to vote for R7?

The official vote for A Fazenda 13 takes place on the station’s website. To be able to help Tati, Rico or MC Gui, you don’t need to login to the site or pay anything, the process is completely free and easy. There is no limit on votes.

First go to, then go to The Farm 2021 tab, the voting poll will appear for you right at the beginning of this new page. Click on the photo and name of the participant you want to save, select the ‘I’m human’ box and then the ‘vote’ button. Wait for confirmation that your vote was tallied by the program’s system and you’re done!

Audience I need to save someone and not delete – Photo: R7/Reproduction

Who won the Farmer’s Taste?

Sthe Matos was the lucky one on Wednesday night (27). The pawn defeated Tati and MC Gui in a match that mixed aim and luck. Rico did not have the right to compete in the fight for the hat, as he was vetoed during the farm voting night in A Fazenda by Dynho, who had the red flame.

Sthe ended up in the hot seat of this week’s rural reality show because of the dynamics of Resta Um, the influencer was left over and ended up on the fourth stool in the garden.

When does the voting for A Fazenda 2021 end?

The voting to see who leaves A Fazenda 2021 lasts 24 hours, that is, on this Thursday night (28) the official poll of the program will end, during live, and someone will leave the confinement. According to Record TV’s schedule, today’s elimination episode will begin at 10:45 pm, after Onde Chama o Coração.

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