Bolsonaro goes to the STF against the act of the CPI on the Pandemic

President Jair Bolsonaro (non-party) filed a writ of mandamus in the STF (Supreme Federal Court) against requests from the CPI of the Pandemic, whose final report was approved on Tuesday (26). The information is from the anchor of CNN Daniela Lima.

The writ of mandamus, filed by the Attorney General’s Office (AGU) on behalf of Bolsonaro, requests the suspension of requests made by the CPI to transfer the confidentiality of the president’s telematic data — from April 2020 to the present time — to the PGR and to the Supreme.

In addition, the AGU also asks that the request made by the CPI to suspend the president’s social media accounts be considered illegal.

In the writ of mandamus, the AGU questions the competence of the CPI to request the president’s breach of confidentiality, and states that a parliamentary commission does not have this power, and that such a demand could only be made through a court process.

The AGU also states that, as President of the Republic, Bolsonaro “cannot be investigated in the scope of CPI’s or any other Parliamentary Commission, in any capacity”.

In the action, the AGU points out that the request made by the parliamentarians of the CPI of the Pandemic is “illegal” and “arbitrary”. Minister Alexandre de Moraes was drawn as the rapporteur of the action at the Supreme Court.

Report delivery

Members of the Pandemic CPI summit delivered copies of the commission’s final report approved on Tuesday to Augusto Aras, attorney general of the Republic, and to Minister Alexandre de Moraes, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), this Wednesday ( 26).

The text, approved by 7 votes to 4 in the Senate, has the recommendation of indicting 78 people and 2 companies — including the President of the Republic — and was drawn up as a conclusion of more than six months of work by the CPI. Read the full report and see how the final text was voted.

The final report cites President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) more than 80 times, attributes 10 crimes to him and calls for Bolsonaro to be removed from all social networks to “protect the Brazilian population”.

In the case of Bolsonaro, who has privileged jurisdiction, it is up to the PGR to analyze and carry out – or not – the indictment. The PGR will also preliminarily assess the case of ministers and parliamentarians mentioned in the report.

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