Bolsonaro sends indirect to Anitta and singer gives sharp response

President Jair Bolsonaro (non-party) sent a hint to Anitta, criticizing the social isolation measures against Covid-19. In an interview with Pânico, from Jovem Pan, the Chief Executive needled the artist.

“I’m at home here having a barbecue, because the artists… well-known actors and actresses are ‘look, I’m here learning French’”, declared Bolsonaro, referring to the fact that the singer is learning a new language.

Anitta, however, did not let the comment go unnoticed and used her Twitter profile to respond to the president.

“The president knows more about my life than about the environmental/financial crisis/etc, about the country he should be taking care of… well I’m here studying everything I can to improve my work and make me grow. Is that you? What are you doing besides hunting bullshit on the internet?”, Girl From Rio’s voice shot up.

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