Cashier pays 7th installment for new groups; check full calendar

This Thursday (28), Caixa pays the 7th installment for Bolsa Família subscribers with final NIS 9 and the general public that was born in August.

Caixa Econômica Federal is already making deposits from 7th and last installment of emergency assistance. This Thursday (10/28), payments will be provided to beneficiaries who are not part of Bolsa Família and were born in the August. The values ​​of the last installment of the program, as well as previous transfers, vary between R$150 and R$375.

To general public, the calendar has two distinct deadlines. Deposits are already made for digital social savings (Caixa Tem application). At a later time, the bank must release the period for immediate withdrawals. It is worth noting that the 7th installment is already being paid to the enrolled in Bolsa Família.

In turn, family units receive payments in the last 10 working days of each month, considering the traditional program calendar. Bolsa Família beneficiaries with NIS ended in 9, in this way, they will also have the amounts deposited this Thursday, the 28th. In this case, withdrawals can be made from the same period in which the deposits take place.

7th installment of emergency aid for the general public

The general public is made up of members of CadÚnico and citizens who received the aid in December 2020. Check out the full calendar of the 7th installment for these groups:

Birthday monthdeposit datewithdrawal date

Calendar of the 7th installment of the Bolsa Família aid

Payment dates for Bolsa Família beneficiaries follow the final digit of the NIS (Social Identification Number). This Thursday (10/28), the 7th installment will be paid to subscribers with final NIS 9.

Check out the calendar of the last installment of the aid for Bolsa Família:

NIS final numberPayment dates
NIS 1October 18, 2021
NIS 2October 19, 2021
NIS 3October 20, 2021
NIS 4October 21, 2021
NIS 5October 22, 2021
NIS 6October 25, 2021
NIS 7October 26, 2021
NIS 8October 27, 2021
NIS 9October 28, 2021
NIS 0October 29, 2021

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