Chucky embraces the queer universe with homosexuality and fluid gender

The Toy Assassin movie franchise, active since 1988, makes room for narratives linked to the LGBTQIA+ community here and there over the eight films released in 31 years. But nothing as open as in the Chucky series, which debuts this Wednesday (27) in streaming Star+, with gay protagonist and fluid gender character.

A continuation of the film The Cult of Chucky (2017), the seventh in the collection, the television drama follows Jake Webber (Zackary Arthur), a homosexual teenager who is bullied at school and the target of his father’s irritable behavior. He finds the Good Guy doll, owned by chucky, at a garage fair and buys it for 10 dollars.


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Speaking to The Advocate magazine, one of the most prestigious in the world focused on the LGBTQIA+ community, the creator of Chucky opened his heart. Gay, Don Mancini has admitted that much of Jake’s plot is almost his autobiography.

This series is probably the most personal project I’ve ever done, in narrative terms“, he told the publication. “The main character is 14 years old and has to deal with a lot of adversity that I, at 14 years old too, went through in the late 1970s.

For Mancini, the Chucky series will encompass everything the franchise has covered so far about the queer universe, embracing it tightly, showing all the “drama, subtexts, metaphors and style.

fluid genre

Classic trash in essence, Toy Assassin never shies away from confrontation by addressing serious things that impact society. The Chucky series walks in the same vein. “The attraction uses Chucky as a metaphor for bullying, the culture of bullying that unfortunately still echoes in today’s youth.“, said Mancini.

This is one of the themes covered in the horror drama. Within the queer universe, the story will make a connection with the movie The Son of Chucky (2004), in which the offspring of the serial killer doll, called Glen or Glenda, was introduced, a reference to an age-old 1953 film that dealt with transgender.

In the second episode, Chucky has an anthological dialogue with Jake. After reading the boy’s diary and realizing he has a crush on Devon (Björgvin Arnarson), a classmate at school, the bloodthirsty puppet plays fair: “I have a queer child… fluid gender” he said to Jake.

And are you good about it?“, asked the young man. “I’m not a monster, Jake!Chucky replied ironically, exposing his sickly good mood. Fans are already looking forward to seeing Glen/Glenda in the series.

Chucky is a psychotic killer. However, he is not homophobic, much less prejudiced. He is an idealistic equal opportunity killer.Mancini told The Advocate, laughing.

This casual tone of the serial killer toy eases a serious and important discussion a little. In a YouTube video clipping this dialogue, there is a lot of outbursts. One person wrote at one point: “Damn! Chucky is more compassionate than my parents.

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