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After moving into a new apartment, a couple discovered a mysterious room in the back of their kitchen closet. After finding the room, they wondered how the space, which even has a window, ended up in that place.

They were surprised to find the room

According to the publication made by The Mirror, the mysterious room left them wondering why the room was created, since there are no ‘normal’ doors to access the room.

The couple, who live in the UK, shared their discovery on a Facebook group. In the publication, the woman wrote: “I just rented an apartment with my boyfriend and we found a room inside our kitchen closet. I will definitely leave something weird for the next tenants when we move.”

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Faced with the discovery, the other members of the group commented: “I would turn this into a hiding place to study or I would hide and eat my children’s favorite snacks so I wouldn’t have to share it with them.”

Another user commented: “It would make this a very comfortable hiding place. Is your husband getting on your nerves? Run to the hideout”.

Despite the amusing suggestions, some users have raised more serious hypotheses, such as the potential job of a serial killer: “Perfect place to hide the bodies”.

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