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It could be a free game, supported by micro-transactions.

The existence of a Super Smash Bros. style game. developed by Warner Bros. that puts in it several characters from its properties was unofficially revealed during this week and now we have the first image of the project.

Despite Warner Bros. have not yet officially revealed the game, an image was shared with the fighters menu which confirms the company’s multiverse of characters, which summoned fighters from DC Comics, Lord of the Rings and some of its most famous cartoons.

If you thought Batman in Fortnite was already eye-popping and brow furrowing, wait until you see Bruce Wayne beating up characters from Stephen Universe, Adventure Time and Rick & Morty, not forgetting Gandalf and Bugs Bunny.

The image, available below, also shows Harley Quinn, Superman and Wonder Woman as fighters in this as-yet-unnamed game.

Jeff Grubb, a credible unofficial source of information, says the game could be presented as a free project that will be supported by selling extra characters like LeBron James.


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