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THE embraer was the big winner of Valor Innovation Brazil award, the result of a survey carried out in partnership with the Strategy&, strategic consulting of PwC and which had the support of the National Association for Research and Development of Innovative Companies (Anpei). It was the fifth year that the aircraft manufacturer has been at the top of a ranking with the 150 most innovative companies in the country.

The award marks the launch of the seventh edition of the yearbook Value Innovation Brazil, which brings the ranking of these 150 companies. The top ten classified in the general list are recognized, as well as the highlights of each of the 23 sectors analyzed by the survey. “It is an initiative that contributes to keeping the Brazilian innovation ecosystem active,” he said Francisco Gomes Neto, CEO of embraer. In 2020, 40% of the company’s revenue came from innovations implemented in the last five years, he says. For him, the innovative company is one that “anticipates demand” and is “continuously at the frontier of knowledge”.

The Top 10

general rankingCompanySector
13embraerCapital goods
two8WEGCapital goods
314Nestle BrazilFood, Drinks and Ingredients
431ValleyMining, Metallurgy and Steel
54PetrobrasOil and Gas and Petrochemicals
6twoEinsteinMedical services
75BoschAutomotive and Large Vehicles
834Free marketBusiness
91NaturaCosmetics, Personal Hygiene and Household Cleaning
1016IBM BrazilInformation Technology

Among the 226 companies analyzed, the top ten classified in the general ranking and the winners of each of the 23 sectors analyzed were awarded. “It’s the record number of participants,” he says Gerson Charchat, partner of Strategy&.

This year, the research had as its theme Innovation in data security: challenges and opportunities. “This is a high priority issue on the executives’ agenda”, he highlights Marcelo Gil, partner of Strategy&, during the ceremony. “Without data security there is no trust and therefore no way to do business.”

According to Charchat, during the research, 954 cases of innovation were evaluated. Of the sample, 57 companies are part of the group of the 100 largest companies in terms of revenue in the country. The combined net revenue of the participants is R$3.1 trillion. Together, these companies invested R$51 billion in innovation in 2020. Of the companies interviewed, 50% declared that innovation is their main strategy — growth of 13 percentage points compared to last year.

Rodrigo Fumo Fernandes, director of engineering and innovation at WEG, in second place, emphasizes that innovation is the solution to turn the economy around and ensure the country’s economic growth. But to be innovative, a company has to be constant in its investments. “It is necessary to systematically seek new solutions for its products, services and business models,” he said. He defended the importance of innovation in management processes.

“For us, innovation is related to everything that can generate a positive impact on society and the planet,” he commented Carolina Service, director of digital transformation at Nestlé. Sevciuc defended the importance of intrapreneurship — innovative initiatives within the company itself — and the culture of innovation in experiences, services and business models.

The application of knowledge and digital advancement must respond to economic and social challenges, which can no longer be ignored, assesses Marcelo Gil. “As a side effect of the covid-19 pandemic, companies have inherited a more complex business environment and need to deal with technological disruptions, political divisions, social tensions, climate change, social conflicts and inequality, having to adapt so much in form. of working as of doing business.”

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The research shows that the environmental, social and governance (ESG) agenda adheres to the innovation strategy and should shape the research and development activities of companies. Fourth place, the Valley is an example of a company that emphasizes interaction with startups and has already created an innovative culture spread throughout the organization. “We have a long-term vision based on two pillars: a new pact with society and operational efficiency”, he comments Luciano Siani, vice president of finance and investor relations.

Bruno Bragazza, innovation and new business manager at Bosch Latin America, in seventh place, confirms the need for a long-term vision. “Innovation is a long journey, which requires the application of new solutions in a systematic and continuous way”, he explains. For him, this is one of the factors that keeps the company up to date, even at 135 years old. “The company has already gone through many adaptations in its business model”, he added. With the advancement of digitization, Bosch intends to stop being a metal-mechanical company and become a global highlight in the use of technologies such as the internet of things and artificial intelligence.

Last year, the healthcare sector was directly impacted. More than ever, the ability to innovate has been tested. “Those who were already connected to the ecosystem were able to respond quickly to the demands”, he said Sidney Klajner, president of Albert Einstein Israeli Hospital, sixth place overall and leader in the healthcare industry. According to Klajner, despite the pandemic having affected the hospital’s financial results, the decision was to maintain the investments and research, development and innovation programs. Among the reinforcements, Klajner highlights the expansion of partnerships. At Eretz.bio, an incubator maintained by Einstein, for example, the creation of a digital environment made it possible to expand the portfolio of startups. The number of companies jumped from 39 to 90.

Katia Vaskys, general manager of IBM Brazil, tenth place, highlighted the importance of scientific thinking to solve the challenges of humanity. For her, innovation is an endless journey, which is related to the constant renewal of business and the ability to address issues relevant to society, such as education and inclusion. “It’s a matter of linking good ideas to good causes.”

Boldness is also a hallmark of innovative companies. Second Stelleo Awning, one of the founders of Free market and current president of commerce for Latin America, you have to take risks. Winner in the retail segment and eighth in the overall ranking, the company pursues constant evolution, under a strategy it calls “continuous beta”. “We seek to deeply understand the needs of users to innovate, a movement that impacts the entire production chain directly and indirectly linked to the platform.”

Nicolas Simone, director of digital transformation and innovation at Petrobras, in fifth place, highlighted that it is necessary to recognize and value people, placing them at the center of the innovation process. “We have to give freedom to employees. They need to be able to carry out their ideas”, he says.

already the Natura, ninth place, invests in multidisciplinary teams. Roseli Mello, global innovation director, explained that the “ownership spirit” prevails in teams. Although smaller, teams are agile and connected to consumer needs.

The most innovative in 23 sectors

Food, Drinks and IngredientsNestle Brazil
Automotive and large vehiclesRobert Bosch
Capital goodsembraer
BusinessFree market
Construction and EngineeringAndrade Gutierrez
Cosmetics, Personal Hygiene and Household CleaningNatura
Pharmaceuticals and Life SciencesAché Pharmaceutical Laboratories
Construction Materials and FinishesDexco
Mining, metallurgy and steelValley
Oil and gas and petrochemicalsPetrobras
Chemistry and Paper and CelluloseSuzano
Insurance and health plansSouth America
servicesAnima Education
Financial servicesCielo
Medical servicesEinstein
Information TechnologyIBM Brazil
TelecommunicationsEricsson Telecommunications
Transport and LogisticsVLI Logistics

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