Flamengo: Renato Gaúcho hands over the post after losing to Athletico-PR, but board does not accept – Rádio Itatiaia

Photo: Alexandre Vidal / Flamengo
Alexandre Vidal / Flamengo

Renato Gaúcho was booed and cursed by Flamengo fans, at Maracanã

Coach Renato Gaúcho handed over the position after Flamengo’s 3-0 loss to Athletico-PR, a result that took Rio’s red-black team from the final of the Copa do Brasil 2021. Despite the coach’s decision, Flamengo’s board did not accept and kept Renato Gaucho in charge.

Atletico’s next opponent in Brasileirão, Flamengo hasn’t won in four matches, with two draws and two defeats. Renato Gaúcho was quite booed and even offended by Flamengo’s fans, in Maracanã, during the duel against Hurricane.

After getting right with the board, the coach went to the press conference and took the blame for the team’s bad phase. All my responsibility. The group was not to blame for anything. Athletico went four times and managed to score three goals. Flamengo created more than 20. A disorganized team cannot create like that”, he said.

The coach’s next challenge will be this Saturday, at 7 pm (GMT), at Maracanã, against Atlético, for the 29th round of the Brasileirão.

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