Hamilton’s father denies harsh relationship between son and Verstappen

the father of Lewis Hamilton, Anthony, explained in an interview that his son is the great rival in the Formula 1 in 2021, Max Verstappen, are not as hostile as they sometimes seem, but their relationship was not always as peaceful as portrayed by the father of the seven-time champion.

At Silverstone, a contact on the Copse corner caused the Dutchman to crash at high speed and, a few weeks later, the next blunt collision occurred at Monza.

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“Nothing like that [hostilidade] it’s true, they’re just fierce rivals,” Hamilton told British media talkSPORT. “Lewis is where Max wants to be and vice versa. They’re like boxers who enter the ring together, but in the end they hug and laugh.”

Another rough moment between Hamilton and Verstappen came in free practice at the US GP, when they entered into an ‘acceleration duel’ on the main straight and the driver from red bull slipping slightly outside the track limits.

He was annoyed by this and stuck his middle finger out of the cockpit as he called the Brit a “stupid idiot” on the team radio.

About this, Hamilton’s father says: “It’s called competition. If you are too friendly with your opponent and loosen the throttle a little, you will lose.” He also considers these attitudes normal in motorsport and recalled that they have been seen with other drivers, not just between his son and the Dutchman.

Anthony cites as an example the triple battle between Carlos Sainz, land Norris and Daniel Ricciardo in Austin. The trio do well off the track, but engaged in a violent wheel-to-wheel duel on the first lap when Sainz called Ricciardo’s move “dirty”.

“That’s what racing is like,” said Hamilton Sr., “Off the track you can be friendly to others, but when you’re in a fight, anything goes in love and war.”

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