Roberto Jefferson criticized Bolsonaro's rapprochement with representatives of the Centrão parties.

Roberto Jefferson criticized Bolsonaro’s rapprochement with representatives of the Centrão parties.| Photo: PTB/Disclosure

Former deputy Roberto Jefferson criticized president Jair Bolsonaro and senator Flávio Bolsonaro (Patriota-RJ) in a letter. Jefferson says Bolsonaro and Flávio are addicted to the “facilities of public money”. He criticized the president’s approach to Centrão names. The former deputy has been in jail since August 13, he is serving his sentence in Bangu 8, in Rio de Janeiro.

“The president tried an impossible coexistence between good and evil. He believed in the facilities of public money. This addiction is worse than the addiction to ecstasy… Bolsonaro surrounded himself with addicts to ecstasy with public money; Farias, Valdemar [da Costa Neto], Ciro Nogueira, will not return to the tracks of austerity of behavior. Who walks with wolf, wolf turns, wolf is. See Flávio,” he said in an excerpt of the letter published by the newspaper O Globo.

The former deputy suggests that the PTB invite Vice President Hamilton Mourão (PRTB) to run for the presidency of the Republic for the party. “We are going to invite Mourão. The PTB will have its own candidacy, perhaps we will support Bolsonaro in the second round,” he stated. The PTB sent a formal invitation for Bolsonaro’s membership. However, the negotiation did not advance. The agent is currently analyzing the invitations from the PL and PP, parties from the Centrão.

Jefferson also defended the acts of September 7 and stated that he says that the head of the Executive “weakened” for not meeting the demands of “the people who took to the streets”. “Bolsonaro needed to be breastfed. If the children get in the way, remove them. Valdemar Costa Neto and Ciro Nogueira push back any change in practices, towards a new path of austerity and honor. A rupture with corruption has a weight, it takes people we like . But it is what the people expect,” said the politician.