Leftist attacks Petrobras profit and says: ‘this company is not ours; is of the privileged’

‘Petrobras is a company that only serves to generate profit for shareholders. A company that today only provides services to shareholders, no one else. The chance of you losing something is zero. You buy stock in any company and you can lose. At Petrobras you never lose. Is this company ours or that of some privileged people?’

Who said that yesterday, Wednesday (28), dear reader: Lula da Silva, the miscreant from São Bernardo; Ciro Gomes, the male goat coroné; Miriam Leitão, the ‘communist terrorist’; or Jair Bolsonaro, the liberal myth, who came to save us from socialism, alongside Paulo Guedes, our indefectible (tax) Ipiranga?

Before I answer, allow me the following comment: any self-respecting company seeks profit for its shareholders. Petrobras is a mixed capital company, so it not only needs, it should… generate profit! Furthermore, the oil company is one of the largest, if not the largest, taxpayers in the country, as well as employers.


Another thing: the imbecile who said the above nonsense also said that: ‘we need to break Petrobras’ monopoly’. But that monopoly has been broken years ago! In other words, in addition to having stupid ideas about the role of companies in a market economy, the idiot doesn’t even know what he’s talking about – for a change, by the way.

Finally, allow me one more observation: the ignorant beast also said: ‘I’m tired of Petrobras, it only takes work’. He declared that he wants the company to be privatized. It’s so stupid, but so stupid, that you think that, once privatized, the company will start to lose money or it will freeze its prices, right?

Let’s go: Jair Bolsonaro, the Planalto’s executioner, was the one who said so much nonsense. It could have been any leftist politician or ideologue, yes. Even because, as seen recently, Petrobras almost broke the price freeze policy of Dilma Rousseff, our unforgettable and only wind stockist.


As I have said, in addition to being dumb – very dumb! -, and poorly advised – very poorly advised! – Queiroz’s friend is increasingly showing himself to be an electoral swindler, who sold himself as an anti-socialist, and today practices the booklet of lulopetismo: electoral populism, tax binge, tax increases and uncontrolled spending.

The patriarch of the clan of the cracks and the millionaire mansions – bought and/or rented at shack prices – is giving a prick because he wants, like a good idiot statist, to intervene in Petrobras’ policy, but he can’t. Hence, as he is an ass of himself, he imagines that, once the state-owned company is privatized, the price of gasoline would fall.

Jair Bolsonaro, the hack that ran from a 20-year-old comedian, understands as much about economics as about coronaviruses, chloroquine, vaccines and AIDS. That is, nothing. So it turns to the old, battered and inefficient socialist propaganda – the oil is ours! – trying to garner some support. However, the most he can do is to put on even more shame.

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