Maurício Barros: ‘I welcome the arrival of Edu Dracena in Santos’ – 10/28/2021

Santos received Fluminense in Vila Belmiro, yesterday (27), and won 2-0, leaving the relegation zone of the Brazilian Championship. The victory came after changes in the football department of Peixe, which were announced in recent days.

On Live do Santos, broadcast by UOL Sport after the Peixe games, journalists Gabriela Brino and Maurício Barros debated the recent moves behind the scenes at the club.

“In recent days, Santos was busier than anything else. Andre Mazzuco left [diretor de futebol] and Jorge Andrade [gerente de futebol], the two were from the football department. All the executive part of football was theirs. After the defeat by América-MG, Santos was already studying the possibility of changes. Carille was kept, and they chose to fire Mazzuco and Jorge to bring in a strong man in football and a guy more identified with the club. And came Edu Dracena, back to Santos,” said Gabriela Brino.

The reporter believes that the former player, who had a successful spell at Peixe, can help the team change the current scenario. Dracena was in the Vila Belmiro team between 2009 and 2014, winning the 2010 Paulista, 2011 and 2012, the 2010 Brazil Cup, the 2011 Libertadores and the 2012 Recopa Sudamericana.

“It was a good press conference, in my view. There was a lot of clarity and confidence. He is fully aware of what is happening at Santos. He was at Palmeiras, a club very well financially, and he is going to an opposing club at the moment, fighting against the zone of relegation and financially very different. Despite that, he said he is ready for the challenge, excited with the return,” he said.

“I think he’s a guy who can help a lot internally. Not only, necessarily, in the football part, but I think that, more than that, he’s going to help in the more internal parts, issues of locker room, player, psychological. In fact, he’s already talked today. with the cast. Whether it was him or not, something went right. That 2-0 came with gusto,” he added.

Maurício Barros, then, disputed the intention of the Santos leadership with these changes in the football department.

“The resignation of the other two directors, and the arrival of a new director, can you understand that there is a movement in relation to a concept, a strategy? Why didn’t it work out with the two who left and can it work out with Dracena? What is Santos looking for in this movement? Correct what?”.

“The impression is that the board wanted to give an answer to the supporter on the line: ‘We are moving, trying changes so that this improves and has someone identified with the club’, so that it is clear that they are trying to positively change the club,” he said .

Barros asked for the floor again and asked if the layoffs, and the hiring of Dracena, were just to calm the fans down and bring a “shield”.

“But offering heads to calm the fan and bring a shield? Or [Mazzuco e Andrade] weren’t they from the field and they brought a guy from the field, who knows football on and off the field?”.

“Jorge Andrade, I think he had a somewhat ‘pre-progressed’ way out since Mazzuco arrived. Mazzuco arrived to take over the department. They worked together for a while, but I think Jorge was already swaying. He worked with Mazzuco, but the Mazzuco who took the decisions, and Jorge was on the side, but with less force. Mazzuco was a guy who had tranquility in the club. His departure was a little surprising because, in fact, it was something that he was not expected to move now . In fact, what they thought was that Carille could fall. The board gave this support to Carille and preferred to change the football people to bring this identified guy,” he pointed out.

The journalist also thinks that Edu Dracena is a name that can put a good job in Vila Belmiro.

“Let’s wait. [Dracena] It arrives, in fact, with identity, with different entry into the locker room, from the players. And he’s someone who has a great career as a player, and he’s built a reputation as a captain, with correct posture, which is something very important. I welcome Dracena’s arrival,” he concluded.

The next edition of Live do Santos will be on Saturday (30), right after the match against Athletico-PR, for the Brazilian Nationals. You can follow the live on the UOL Channel, on the UOL Placar app, on the Santos page on UOL Esporte or on the UOL Esporte channel on Youtube.