Neto shoots Edilson after leaving the Band: “Very ugly”

One week after being released to Edilson’s departure from Grupo Bandeirantes, Neto talked about the former companion of ‘Os Donos da Bola’. live on the channel looted, by journalist Thiago Asmar, the presenter of the Band said that there was no atmosphere for ‘Capetinha’ to remain at the station. According to Craque Neto, Edilson created a “horrible environment” in the two years he served as a commentator.

Neto commented on the departure of Edílson Capetinha from the Band (Editing Lance! Photos: Reproduction)

Neto commented on the departure of Edílson Capetinha from the Band (Editing Lance! Photos: Reproduction)

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Edílson left ‘Os Donos da Bola’ after encounters with former goalkeeper Velloso and the presenter grandson. With no atmosphere in the program led by the Corinthians idol, the commentator joined the ‘Jogo Aberto’ team.

“Edilson said on ‘Podpah’ that I am one way in the program and that outside I am another. It’s not true, I’m the same thing. Maybe you’re different, because the environment you created in ‘Donos da Bola’ it was a difficult environment, where you had problems with Fernandinho. What did you do with Fernandinho, Edílson, who is one of the greatest reporters in the world, was absurd, he is a gentleman. What did you do with Velloso, with the Canyon was very ugly,” Neto began.

“And then there was a meeting between everyone there. It was decided by the direction of the Band that he would leave ‘Donos da Bola’ and make the ‘Open Game’. If you, Edilson, have something to say, you have to say it. with Edmundo, who took his place. It wasn’t me,” added the band’s presenter.

The disagreement between Velloso and Edilson happened in October 2020. At the time, the program partners needed to be calmed down by Neto. The fight started when Edílson Capetinha criticized the positioning of the goalkeepers from Velloso’s period. For him, archers did not organize the game.

Regarding the departure of the former Corinthians player, Neto said that he had no participation in the Band’s decision.

“I’m not the one who decides this. I’m not the owner of the Band. Now, the horrible environment you made in the Band may have made you leave there. You’re still an ace, a phenomenon, but the horrible environment you have I did it there I didn’t do it, you know why, Edilson? Because I’ve been in the band for 20 years. Most of the people there love me,” he said great grandson.

On his YouTube channel, Neto said he lost the strong contact he had with Edilson and said he was upset with the “unnecessary” situation of conflict. The Corinthians idol and Band presenter also revealed that ‘Capetinha’ is no longer talking to him.

“There was a problem with me, with Velloso, with Fernandinho, with everyone. I wasn’t the one who went there, no sir. So much so that you went to work on ‘Jogo Aberto’, and why didn’t you stay there? Ah, so I mean that I also took you out of the ‘Open Game’ and put Edmundo in? Oh, no f…”, he fired.

“The one who left the Band was you, Edílson. And I’ll tell you more: Cascão (director of ‘Donos da Bola’) talked to you several times, everyone talked to you. Your contract ended and the Band didn’t want to renew it, it was what I read. It’s much easier to say that I sent him away. It’s not easier for him to say ‘well, I was bad, man, I could have had more humility, been more of a team’. What I do know is that you don’t talk to Edmundo, to Petkovic, to anyone. I do,” concluded Neto.

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