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In Secret Truths 2, Paula Burlamaqui It’s Aline, a former model who will have an intense conflict in the soap opera of Walcyr Executioner: she will fall in love with her daughter’s boyfriend, chiara, experienced by the newcomer Rhay Polster. The chosen of the beauties will be the DJ Mark, played by actor Kelner Macêdo, who will star in very hot scenes with Paula. See the video 👆

Paula Burlamaqui talks about preparing for the hot scenes of ‘Secret Truths 2’ — Photo: Gshow

The actress explains how the relationship between the trio will be, which “will light a match in a room full of gasoline”, as Macêdo joked on social networks.

“Aline is going to fall in love with her daughter’s boyfriend. They’re going to have a problem, they’re going to split up… The big dilemma is whether she will keep it or not, because his daughter is also in love with him. It’s a strong plot”, emphasizes Paula.

Paula Burlamaqui, Kelner Macêdo and Rhay Polster behind the scenes of ‘Secret Truths 2’ — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Strong and spicy will also be the scenes that will involve Aline and Mark. For them, Paula had the support of dance teacher Grazzy Brugner, scheduled to prepare the cast for the hot sequences of the soap opera.

“I did the prep with Grazzy to look pretty on stage, making a plastically beautiful sex scene,” she reveals.

In the story, Aline is indicated by her daughter to work as a secretary for Visky (Rainer Cadete) at Blanche’s agency (Maria de Medeiros). The almighty of the fashion world is surprised and happy to see her friend from her runway days and decides to give her the job, even without the approval of the booker.

Paula Burlamaqui and Rhay Polster are mother and daughter in ‘Secret Truths 2’ — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Secret Truths 2: This trailer is not recommended for those who can't handle strong emotions

Secret Truths 2: This trailer is not recommended for those who can’t handle strong emotions

🎧 Listen to João Vitor Silva talking about the hot scenes of Secret Truth 2:

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