Penetras try to invade Deolane Bezerra’s party and cause confusion

Deolane Bezerra will have her birthday party on November 3rd, but some problems started to appear in the way. Although there is an exact list of guests, countless people tried to pass themselves off as famous to enter the lawyer’s event by freeloaders. By a slip, guests ended up leaking the confirmation number on the list.

When we shared about the Whatsapp party, people who were invited to the party leaked their Whatsapp contact. Consequently, the team responsible for the event ended up receiving hundreds of messages from crashers. Some even tried to pass themselves off as celebrities and Deolane acquaintances to get inside.

To get an idea, there were so many people trying to get into the event that promises to be remarkable, that the cell phone that was used to confirm the presence of guests crashed. The solution was to find another way to get in touch with the people who were really called to enjoy the moment of celebration with the lawyer, widow of MC Kevin.

Just this week, Deolane didn’t skimp on luxury. As was to be expected, the influencer with more than 10 million followers on Instagram, took great care in the invitation, and sent along with him a chocolate plated with gold and imported whiskey. On her social networks, she showed details of this little treat to the 400 guests at the party, according to journalist Léo Dias.

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During the planning of the mega-production that takes place in a few days, it is estimated that Deolane’s party had a cost of R$4 million. Following the example that MC Kevin, who died in May this year, the famous said that she intends to invest in her career as a singer, in addition to spreading the name of her beloved.

“Guys, how my life has changed. You give me so much strength to go on that you have no idea. Sometimes I get really worried and tense because things are happening so fast and I see so many women saying that they look up to me, that I’m strong, a warrior…”, she started, on social networks. But at the same time, she questioned her fans why she was so successful.

“Today there were two women at my house, I invited them up and I asked them why they like me so much and they said: ‘Doctor, you are a fortress, you give us a lot of strength, you represent a lot of the Brazilian women you loved, forgave, the independent woman, who is a single mother…’ and that’s so good. Welcoming people at this stage of my life was essential to lift me up”, declared.

She added: “I struggled a lot to get where I am. I don’t say in the fame part, because it was something very tragic what happened in my life that led to fame, but for dinner, going to parties, using what I wear and helping people, I fought, I turned sleepless nights to become the Deolane I am today. Seeing you saying that you look up to me gives me a lot of joy.”

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