Police arrest man who molested stepdaughter aged 12 to 19 – Gerais

Arrested man leaving Pol's vehicle
After being arrested, his stepfather was taken to Arax prison (photo: PCMG / Disclosure)

The Civil Police of Campos Altos, in Alto Paranaba, this Wednesday (10/27) launched Operation ‘Zero Tolerance’, which arrested a 47-year-old man accused of molesting his 19-year-old stepdaughter. child and the arrest was decreed after the authorities learned about the case.

During investigations, the victim reported that the harassment started when she was 12 years old. According to the young woman, at that time, the acts took place more than 80 times. The stepfather ran his hand over the girl’s private parts, at dawn, when she slept, as well as spying on her when she took a shower.

The suspect confessed to the crime, however, claimed that he touched the victim’s private parts only three times.

The Civil Police requested the preventive arrest of the investigated Justice, who accepted the request.

The man was located, arrested and taken to Arax prison. He will answer for the commission of the offense of rape and for the rape of the vulnerable.

The operation was called ‘Zero Tolerance’ in view of the need to alert the community and institutions so that facts like this do not happen.

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