Post Copom, GDP in the US, Vale and Petrobras balance sheets and what you need to know to invest well today

The day promises to be full. This Thursday, the 28th, investors will reflect yesterday’s Copom decision, the postponement of the vote on the PEC (Proposal for Amendment to the Constitution) of the precatoria and the disclosure of the IGP-M (General Market Price Index) for October.

In the US, the GDP for the third quarter and the update of requests for unemployment benefits come out.

After the market closes, Vale and Petrobras release their balance sheets.

Post Copom

Investors reflect yesterday’s decision of the Cup (Committee on Monetary Policy of the Central Bank). The collegiate delivered on Wednesday what a relevant part of the market expected: an increase of 1.5 points in the basic rate, the Selic, and the signaling of an equal increase at the next meeting.

The question that remains is: will this pace be enough to control inflation expectations and the interest rate curve, pressured by the deterioration of the fiscal scenario?

Analysts believe that the current cycle of rising interest rates will only end with the rate in double digits, under penalty of the BC failing to deliver even the 2023 inflation target.

“Given recent fiscal risks, we believe that the Selic rate reaching 9.75% per year, as market forecasts show, will likely not be enough to deliver inflation to target in 2023 (2022 seems out of reach at this point).” said the economist and former BC director, Alexandre Schwartsman, in a report. “We now expect the rate to reach above 10% by the end of the cycle.”

PEC of court orders

Last night, amidst attempts to obstruct the opposition and a low quorum, the Chamber postponed the vote on the PEC of the precatório – the expectation is that the vote will take place next Wednesday, after the holiday. The proposal extends the payment of these debts from which the Union can no longer appeal and changes the spending ceiling, making more room for expenses in the 2022 Budget.


Amid concerns about the rise in inflation, the FGV released this Thursday morning the first full index of October, the IGP-M (General Market Price Index): after deflation of 0.64% in September, the indicator rose again by 0.64% in October.

The price variation data are closely monitored by the markets, as they help the Central Bank to decide the pace of adjustment in the economy’s base rate.

US GDP in Q3

At 9:30 am, the data on the behavior of the US economy in the third quarter is released, as well as the updated number of requests for unemployment benefits in the country in October.

Treasury Result

At 2:30 pm, the Treasury result for September will be informed, with data on the primary result.

Swings to keep an eye on

Before the market opens, Gol (GOLL4) releases its third quarter results. After closing, it’s time for Grendene (GRDN3), Petrobras (PETR4), Fleury (FLRY3), Alpargatas (ALPA4), Arezzo (ARZZ3), Paranapanema (PMAM3), Vamos (VAMO3), Vale (VALE3) and Suzano ( SUZB3).

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