RMP: “Diego’s squad is the symbol of Renato Gaúcho’s incompetence” – 10/28/2021

The elimination of the Copa do Brasil for Athletico increased criticism about the work of Renato Gaúcho ahead of Flamengo. One of the main ones was the maintenance of Diego among the starting line-ups. The midfielder did not have a good performance in the defeat by 3-1 to Fluminense, last Saturday, by Brasileirão. Kept on the team, he returned to having discreet participation in the face of Hurricane

At Flamengo Live, program of UOL Sport right after the Mengão games, journalists André Rocha and Renato Maurício Prado criticized Renato Gaúcho for insisting on casting Diego. For them, the failure was aggravated by the position in which the midfielder played against Athletico: as second defensive midfielder, which made Andreas Pereira play more advanced.

“For me, Diego’s lineup is the symbol of Renato Gaúcho’s incompetence. It’s the crucial point in the story. If I hadn’t called Diego, wouldn’t I have lost? I don’t know, but the first half would certainly have been different. Andreas Pereria, at the end of the game, when he came back, he got better. How can a coach not see that? Does he say he prefers to play as a second defensive midfielder and how can he not see that it is better to put him in that position? you can’t put Diego and send Andreas Pereira forward. That’s a basic mistake. It’s really regrettable,” criticized Renato.

Rocha highlighted the midfielder’s physical side and cited a play in which the player could not keep up with his teammates. “There was a counterattack in which Diego was dragging himself on the field. It was something deplorable. He asked to stay… It wasn’t to stay. Flamengo was already at a disadvantage and the obvious substitution was to put Michael or Vitinho and take away Diego. There, the thing was very regrettable for Flamengo,” he pointed out.

For Renato, the midfielder should be on the bench. “When I saw the lineup with Diego again, I thought it was bad. What did he think? Diego played poorly in the first half of Fla-Flu, but was that an unusual moment? Diego hasn’t been playing for a long time. It may even be a weapon for the bench, but starting as a starter… He lost all the balls in Fla-Flu and lost again today [ontem]”he noted.

Renato also questioned Diego’s influence on the cast and coach. “In the first 30 minutes, Diego had a performance identical to the one he had against Fluminense, which led Renato to take him off at halftime. As he scales him today [ontem]? At one point, Renato thought about taking Diego out, who asked him to wait. Does that mean that Flamengo’s coach is Diego, not Renato?”, he completed.

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