Roberto Jefferson attacks Bolsonaro and Flávio: ‘They became addicted to public money’

The former deputy and current president of the PTB, Roberto Jefferson, released a new letter while he is still imprisoned in Bangu 8, in Rio de Janeiro. This time, the party leader ‘alleviated’ the offenses against Alexandre de Moraes, his favorite target, and started to attack the hitherto ally, Jair Bolsonaro. The text was published in full by the newspaper The globe on Wednesday 27.

In the document, the former deputy states that the president and his son, senator Flávio Bolsonaro became addicted to public money and became ‘wolves’ of the Centrão. Jefferson still addresses offenses to other allies of the former captain and calls for the Bolsonaro clan to be removed from the government to reduce corruption.

“People would like to see the beasts caged or shot down by hunters. But the president tried an impossible coexistence between good and evil. He believed in the facilities of public money. This addiction is worse than the addiction to ecstasy, whoever has ecstatic sex has the greatest orgasm or ejaculation that the human body of God can provide. She came with ecstasy, forever dependent on him. He enjoyed the pleasure derived from public money, easily earned, he never again gives up that paroxysmal enjoyment that it provides”, wrote Jefferson.

Jefferson then goes on to attack Flavio and other allies of the current president: “Bolsonaro surrounded himself with ecstasy addicts with public money; Farias, Valdemar, Ciro Nogueira, will not return to the tracks of austerity of behavior. Who walks with wolf, wolf turns, wolf is. See Flávio”, he says.

“Bolsonaro needed breaststroke. If children are in the way, remove them […]. Breaking with corruption has a weight, it takes people we like. But that’s what the people expect”, he says. “It’s not easy to keep a child away, I know the pain of keeping Cristiane away. But the political project is above sentimental concessions”, he adds to the text.

The letter indicates a break between the PTB and Bolsonaro, who was formally invited to join the party. According to the text, Jefferson advises his own candidacy, headed by the current vice-deputy, General Hamilton Mourão, to be a ‘third way’.

“Our path is different. We want a government of the righteous, which congratulates and makes the people proud. A government that doesn’t steal and doesn’t let it steal”, highlights the former deputy, ordering then that Mourão be invited to join the PTB. “Gustavo, take the letter to General Mourão. Invite him to run for President, whoever knows how to go through the third way will win the election”, he adds.

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