Russia Records Records of COVID-19 Deaths and Cases in 24 Hours – International

Man with protective mask against covid talks on cell phone in Moscow.
Russia once again saw the number of deaths from COVID-19 grow and set a record (photo: Yuri KADOBNOV / AFP)

Russia registered on Thursday (28) new records of deaths and infections linked to COVID-19 in one day, as the country faces a violent wave of the pandemic, which forced the capital Moscow to close non-essential services .

According to figures released by the government, 1,159 people died and 40,096 were infected with the coronavirus in the last 24 hours.

This Thursday, a series of health restrictions came into effect in Moscow to contain the outbreak of COVID-19, which has accelerated in Russia due to a reduced rate of vaccination.

Restaurants, beauty salons, clothing or furniture stores, gyms, dance schools and other services considered “non-essential” will remain closed until 7 November.

According to the mayor of Moscow – the city most affected by the pandemic in Russia -, Sergei Sobianin, only outlets for the sale of medicines, food and essential items are authorized.

For several weeks, Russia has been breaking records for covid-19 deaths and infections within 24 hours, a crisis related to low vaccination rates.

The total number of deaths exceeds 235,000, according to government data, making Russia the country most affected by the disease in Europe.

The national statistics agency, which has a broader definition of covid-19 deaths, announced in late August a balance of 400,000 more deaths from coronaviruses.

The vaccination campaign continues at a slow pace due to Russian distrust. Only a third of them are fully immunized, according to the specialized website Gogov, despite the country having developed four vaccines.

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